Chandigarh – The Evergreen City of India. Facts And History


Chandigarh is known for its cleanliness, neat buildings, wide roads, and above all, the quality of life. It was designed by a French architect Le Corbusier and is known for its wide green spaces and the concept of a ‘township’. Its development was planned in accordance with the principles of the Swiss-American architect, who believed that the neighborhood should be large enough to be self-contained complexes.

Chandigarh, the city envisioned by architect Le Corbusier, is a unique city in India, with world-renowned architecture, wide, well-planned with clean roads, and well-connected by a network of roads, but it is also a reflection of the Indian architecture and culture. Some of the best-known architects of India have designed most of the architecture of the city. The city might be a bit far away from the metros but the quality of life is definitely worth the travel.

Whether you are planning to move to Chandigarh, or you are already living here, it’s always good to reiterate that Chandigarh is a beautiful city. It is the best-planned city in India and is known for its world-renowned architecture, and has many parks and gardens to explore. It also has a quality of life that no other city in India can compete with.


Chandigarh’s Eco- friendly environment makes it one of the ever-green cities in India

Chandigarh is the greenest city in India. It is a very much eco-friendly, safe, and secure city. The main reason behind the eco-friendly environment of this city is the Forest Department of Chandigarh. They take care of the greenery and environment of Chandigarh. How & what do they do for the environment nothing but reading this blog will make you clear.


How does Chandigarh keep its environment clean and green?

These days, green belts in Chandigarh have become one of the most sought-after locations. A large number of people invest time, money, and effort in investing a home in a popular green belt in Chandigarh. However, not many of us know how green belts in Chandigarh benefit the micro-climate, reduce dust and lead to a much higher number of birds and butterflies as compared to other cities. It also helps in reducing the temperature in the area by as much as 2 degrees C. The green belt around Chandigarh has been planted with the help of the Green Chandigarh Foundation. The role played by Green Belts in Chandigarh is an important aspect of the city’s urban planning, infrastructure, and ecology. Green belts in Chandigarh serve a very important role.

The need for environment-friendly solutions is constantly growing. In Chandigarh, green belts serve as a perfect example. The country needs to be conscious of its environment and the impact we have on it. If a city like Chandigarh can make such an impact in the field of environment, then the rest of the country should also follow suit.


Reasons why green belts have a positive effect on the city

The green belt aims to prevent further lie down, by setting aside land around urban areas to prevent urban expansion. Green belts also preserve the countryside from urbanization, which in turn improves the quality of life for urban residents by keeping towns less congested and cleaner, providing space for recreation, and encouraging the growth of wildlife.


Attraction of Chandigarh

One of the main attractions of Chandigarh is its roads, classified by their functions and Surrounded by green trees. It is divided into sectors, blocks, and sub-blocks. The city is divided into sectors A-D, E, and F. These sectors are further divided into blocks. It is said that these flower beds are one of the main reasons why the city is called “The City Beautiful”. It is said that these flower beds are one of the main reasons why the city is called “The City Beautiful”.



Chandigarh is one of the cities that has managed to preserve natural beauty and ecological balance through its eco-friendly initiatives. One of the most successful eco-friendly initiatives of the city is the Waste to Energy Plant, which burns the waste in an environment-friendly manner and uses the energy to generate electricity. As per the reports, the city has been able to generate 6.5MW of electricity from the waste to the energy plant, which has been able to serve the electricity needs of over 16,000 households. The city is also known for its efforts to preserve the natural beauty of the city, which has been successful in maintaining the ecological balance.


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