Mumbai – The City Of Dreams. Facts And History

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and the dream destination for most business entrepreneurs. It is no doubt that people from different parts of India migrate to this city for the opportunities it offers. It is also the financial hub of India and people come here to get a chance to work in reputed banks or financial organizations.

Mumbai could be one of the most happening places, the world has ever seen. It is the city of dreams but people who come to this city find a different picture. This article will discuss the reasons why Mumbai is a happening place and what is behind the picture that most entrepreneurs see after landing in Mumbai.


Why is Mumbai called the City of Dreams?

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and the third most populated city in India. It may be the city of dreams for some, but for the homeless and the less fortunate, it is the city of despair and misery. Today, we’d like to pay homage to the city and talk about why it is called the city of dreams by some and the city of despair by others.

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is like a phoenix that rose from the ashes. It stood resilient and emerged as the city of dreams. It was never a city of money and yet, it became the city of money. The city of Mumbai is a city of soul and history. It is a city of people, art, and wonders.

Travel, weather, food, movies, home, and businesses… are the things that make Mumbai a dream city. But what makes Mumbai a dream city is its people. This blog will cover everything that makes the people of Mumbai special.


The Economy of Mumbai

As we already know a larger economy means more opportunities. Mumbai alone accounts for 30% of income tax collection in India. The city has a GDP of $124 billion. While the city’s GDP may seem large, it is much smaller than that of other countries. For instance, the GDP of Qatar is $182 billion while that of Singapore is $296 billion. In terms of GDP per capita, Mumbai ranks last among Indian cities. That said, this is only one factor that defines a city’s economic standing.


Job Opportunities in Mumbai

Mumbai is the most populated city in India. It is growing at a faster rate than any other city in the world. The number of job opportunities in this city is also increasing with the rise in the population. As a business professional, it is important to move around with the trend, and to get the latest job opportunities in this city, you must be aware of the government regulations and policies. You can be updated with the latest information by visiting the official website of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation.


A booming Startup Hub

According to the report of KPMG, India is the second most attractive FDI destination in the world after China. Therefore, it is right to assume that India’s future is going to be much brighter. With rapid economic growth and development, there are numerous business opportunities in India, particularly in the services sector. In 2010, the GDP of India was $0.9 Trillion, which is less compared to the GDP of the top 12 Asian countries, excluding China. This means that India has a huge market and tremendous opportunities for foreign investors.


Beaches and Picnic Spots

Mumbai might be the number one city in India, but it also gets busy. Even the children are used to this schedule. That’s why they need to go out and have some fun. One of the best ways to have fun is to visit the famous beaches. Mumbai is known for its beaches and picnic spots.

The beaches are mainly located in the northern part of the seacoast. This is because most of the people in Mumbai live on the Eastern side of the seacoast. Most people love to go to the beaches. This is mainly because of the bountiful seafood available there.



The city possesses all the necessary ingredients which any city would require to be the commercial capital of any country. Mumbai has got a cosmopolitan culture, with a rich history and heritage. Mumbai was the capital of India before Delhi. The city is home to many financial and business institutions. Mumbai is the most populated city in the country. The city is a hub of commercial, cultural, and entertainment activities. Mumbai is the financial and entertainment capital of India.

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