How To Decorate Your Home Without Damaging Your Wall


Ways To Decorate Your Home Without Putting a Hole In Your Wall

Hammer and nails are two things that first come to mind when we think of displaying an art piece in our home or office. We consider it the only and the safest way to decorate our home. You can safely hang your expensive paintings and other decorative items using a hammer and nails, but it can damage your walls and ruin the appearance of your valuable hangings.

To enhance the appearance of the wall and save them from damage, there are a few methods that keep your wall hole-free. So, do not keep your walls blank just because holes doest not look nice or they damage your walls, because you have cool methods. We’ll discuss how to personalize your apartment even without putting a single hole in the wall. Don’t be surprised; just look at the below details.


Hire an art installation company

If you are looking for an art installation without making a single hole in your home’s wall, hiring an art installation company is the best idea. Offices, homes, apartments, art museums, art galleries, huge spaces like malls, etc., require proper and level hanging of frames, pictures, sceneries, and mirrors.

If you are living in New York City and looking for the Picture Hanging NYC, NYC Art Installation got your back. Their hammer-less and nail-less services will surprise you. They can easily hang your expensive and favourite paintings and other hanging items cleanly.

You can expect such services in your home to install your exotic items without letting anyone know about the behind story. Whether you require it for residential or commercial areas, this technique will work perfectly to express your feeling regarding art and concern about your walls.


Try damage-free brackets for curtains

Curtains are the major decoration item of your home. They enhance the overall look of the space. That’s why it is necessary to hang them in a precise way. Many of us use so many nails to hang curtains securely, but it can ruin the overall appearance.

To hang your curtains in your home, apartment, or office, a curtain road bracket is the best option. This is a budget-friendly solution that doesn’t require drills, screws, and nails. The best part is taking them with you when you need to move.

Just take the no-drill curtain rod bracket and leave your wall with no damage. It is the safest, easy and damage-free way to hang your curtains and decorate your walls. Go and check it out and thank us later.


Use wall adhesive strips and hooks

When thinking about decorating your walls, it seems impossible without nails and a hammer. If you think so, adhesive strips and hooks are the way to go. Removable straps and hook is the simplest and easy way to decorate your home’s wall without putting in nails and damaging your walls.

With adhesive strips, you can hang your posters, photo frames, paintings, and other wall decor items securely. And if you want multiple purposes hanging on your wall to hang your kid’s project items, playing items, daily notes, keys, etc., the multi-purpose hook is the best option.

Adhesive strips and hooks are the best way to hang lightweight items, and if the adhesive is qualitative, you can also hang heavier coats and backpacks. Multiple hooks are stylish to decorate your home without damaging the walls.


Paste removable wallpaper or backsplash

Removable wallpaper or backsplash is the best way to add pattern or texture to an entire wall without nails. There are several different types of removable wallpaper available on the market that can add value to your space without spending much money.

They can be removed when required and changed when you need to transform the look of your space. Most removable wallpapers are made of nonporous vinyl, so you can wipe them to clean.

However, it is a little expensive way to decorate your walls, but they are durable and look beautiful when combined right with the interior design. Choose the right colour and pattern complementing each to give a unique look to your home.

All of these decorating tips are secured tips to help your decorating items hang on the walls without damaging them. Nails, screws, and other hardware are usually considered the most secure way to decorate walls. There is no doubt that these are the best ways, but one negative point with them is they can damage the walls and ruin the appearance of decorative items.

Using adhesive tapes or multiple hooks, make sure your walls remain damage-free. That’s why they are the most preferred choice for hanging different objects of different weights. Just make sure that your adhesive tape is robust enough to bear the weight of other things.

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