How can I reduce existing pigment spots?

Women in Pakistan waste half of their mornings trying to cover up small blemishes and pigment spots on their hands and faces. As for other body parts, they wear long clothing that covers up their arms and legs. But all these small things can take up a lot of time and with time, it gets very tiring to do this every single day. Thankfully, dermatologists are working tirelessly to find new methods to help reduce hyperpigmentation and other blemishes and spots on the surface of the skin. So if you ever find yourself thinking ‘How can I reduce existing pigment spots in Islamabad, Pakistan?’ You’re in luck! This post discusses all the possible solutions to help you with the reduction of existing pigment spots.


What Causes Pigment Spots?

These marks are caused by numerous reasons, excessive exposure to the sun being the major contributor. Other factors that can cause pigment marks to appear on the skin include:

  1. Excessive Melanin production can lead to darkish patches on the skin.
  2. Certain medications can lead to hyperpigmentation marks on the back of the neck and the face.
  3. Harsh chemicals can also cause the skin to turn dark. This dark skin is the body’s natural reaction to protect the skin from further damage.
  4. Certain chronic diseases cause pigment marks on the face such as diabetes.
  5. Pigment marks are also caused by acne scar inflammation. After an acne breakout clears away, it leaves behind dark spots and marks.


How to Reduce Existing Pigment Marks in Islamabad, Pakistan:

If you too are bothered by the age-old question ‘How can I reduce existing pigment spots?”, then you aren’t the only one. You can reduce existing pigment marks with skin bleaching creams, whitening facewashes, acid peels, microdermabrasion, glutathione injections, and laser therapy.

A vast majority of women in Pakistan suffer from pigmentation marks on their bodies and want instant results. Using topical medication can take up to three to four months before results are visible. So ts best to get the more medically fast solutions if you don’t like to wait around. These methods are also used as Acne Scars Treatment methods  Some of the treatment methods are discussed in detail below:


1) Skin Bleaching Creams:

Bleaching creams work by burning away the dark spots on the skin in just under 30 minutes. This is one of the fstest treatments for reducing spots and blemishes from the skin. However, this treatment is not recommended as it has harmful side effects.


2) Whitening Face Washes:

Most prescribed facewashes contain brightening elements that help reduce marks and blemishes. Unfortunately, they can take up to one month and require regular usage for visible results. There is also no guarantee that this option will work out for everyone as everyone has different skin textures.


3) Acid Peels:

Salicylic acid is applied to the face in the form of a mask to help burn away any pigmentation spots and marks. This treatment is only recommended once a month. If you have sensitive skin, however, it is best that you conslt your doctor first and then opt for this treatment.


4) Microdermabrasion:

This procedure involves using a small pen-shaped tool that has a small sanding tip that gently scrubs away the pigment marks. This option can make the skin dry, so only get this if you have oily skin. This treatment option is not recomended for anyone who has dry skin as it can cause extreme dryness on the skin leading to cracks and bleeding.


5) Glutathione Injections:

These injections contain antioxidant substances that help remove toxins from that body that can cause pigmentation. They brighten up the skin and reduce blemishes and dark pigments. These injections can take up to three or four months to show visible results and require one injection every 6 months to maintain the bright, fair look.


6) Laser Therapy:

Lastly, the most effective and instant method is laser therapy. This involves the manipulation of concentrated light energy to burn or destroy pigmentation. This is a permanent solution to getting rid of your marks and there is no chance of the marks appearing on the skin again. This option is also used to treat acne pigment marks.


Be Pigment Free!

There is a big number of women in Pakistan who are suffering from various pigment marks on their skin and have no idea how to reduce them. Luckily for them, They can get treated by Dr. Naveed who works at the Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. This clinic is famous for providing the best pigment-reducing treatments in the entire Capital!

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