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Why are Escape Rooms so popular for birthday parties? 





Escape room games are the newest treat in town. The concept of escape rooms has drastically risen to popularity in the last decade. But it is only the start. Escape room games are popular because they are not stuck with a niche clientele. Instead, they have spread their reach into different sections of event management, including family outings, private celebrations, and corporate team building to name a few. 

Among these, possibly the most hosted occasion by escape room brands is birthday parties. Before we delve into the reason of this popularity, let’s understand the concept of escape rooms. 


What are escape rooms? 

So, escape room games or breakout room games are adventure games played mostly in a physical space. Digital escape rooms are popular as well. These are immersive games where players form a team and get voluntarily locked inside a room. They are usually in a fictional or historical setting. The players must form a team first. The main goal is to solve the puzzles and riddles with the clues spread inside the room. You can only unlock the door if you have the door code. The players will also have to accomplish some tasks related to the scenario.  


How do escape rooms work? 

These games are not that difficult if you have a creative mind and analytical thought process. The players should ideally divide themselves into seekers and solvers. The team should communicate well in order to escape the room. The gamemaster will explain all the rules and mechanisms of the particular game you are in. If you are really out of ideas, you can always ask the gamemaster for hints. These games are fun, exciting and brings out the best in people.  


So why are escape rooms so popular for birthday parties? 

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Cost Effective: 

Birthday parties can be expensive. Especially if you are trying to invite people outside your immediate family members. The cost of food, venue and other expenses may not be feasible for everyone. Comparatively an escape room birthday party will be cost effective and require less planning on your part. 

The ticket to escape rooms are affordable and you can spend more on money and additional activities as well. These games are also great in the sense that it brings something new to the table and fits perfectly as a recreational group outing. 


No Restrictions 

As long as you are 8+, you can take part in an escape room game. So, it is a perfectly inclusive birthday celebration destination, unlike the clubs or any such age-restricted places. Escape room games are meant to be played with your friends anyway. These games are for everyone as long as they act on their skills. The excitement and adventurous feeling of an escape room will provide you will ample fun.  



Activities like escape room atlanta value teamwork a lot. Imagine a party where all of your loved ones are involved in team building games. How fun! In a team, everyone can choose to work on an activity they are best at. You can solve the game faster with different perspectives. You will learn how to cooperate well in a high-tension situation. 

Escape rooms are a great destination for birthday parties because they are meant to be group activities. Only through collective effort, you will achieve success. The games are especially fun with friends and will surely bring all of you closer. 


Something Unique 

If you are looking for a unique experience on your birthday, escape rooms are the way to go. Escape rooms have a variety of these to choose from. Chose a theme that will interest you as well as your loved ones. These games are fun, unique, and exciting in their own way. Since all of you will be trying to figure out the puzzle together, it will gift you with priceless memories that you will cherish for years to come. 


Challenge Yourself 

Escape room games are great because they force you to challenge yourself. You only have 60 minutes to escape the room or else you lose. You must jump across the hurdles together and accomplish the goal. If you concentrate on the room layout and listen to the scenario well, you will get a better picture of what you must do. 

The team together will bring victory if you are successful. This will surely feel like a sweet reward on your birthday. 



Birthdays are meant to be a day of excitement, relaxation, and a day where we feel special. So, this year, why don’t you do something different and make new memories? You can start by googling ‘escape room near me’ and book a slot for yourself and your guests!