Gerundizing in English


In English, gerundizing is the method of including ‘ing’ to the verb. When verbs are gerundized, they serve as as partially verbs and partially nouns. In different phrases, by means of including ‘ing’ to any verb, the verb adjustments its serve as to be a partially noun and partially verb.

Functions of gerunds

1) As topics of sentences

Gerunds or gerundized verbs when used as topics of sentences incessantly put at first when that specialize in process as the topic of dialog.

Smoking is unhealthy.

Reading EzineArticles is attention-grabbing.

Writing articles wishes numerous observe.

Playing tennis is excellent in your well being, and excellent a laugh!

Learning a overseas language isn’t at all times tricky.

The capturing of the hunter used to be horrible.

Flying a airplane can also be unhealthy.

The instructing of the doctrine is deceptive the folks.

Traveling is a laugh.

The introducing of the brand new instrument used to be transparent sufficient to grasp.

2) As an object of a verb

Gerunds right here serve as as gadgets of verbs. In English there are specific verbs that are gerundized functioning as gadgets of verbs.

The following are verbs which can be frequently adopted by means of the gerund shape: like, fancy, dislike, hate, love, abhor, disgust, forestall, stop, proceed, thoughts, admit, deny, advise, keep away from, believe, extend, cancel, talk about, experience, end, stay, delay, recommend, counsel, be apologetic about, take part, possibility, tolerate and cross, and many others.


I like swimming. My sister fancies cooking. We dislike gossiping. I hate ready particularly for not anything. We love dancing. Anita abhors frightening. We disgust plagiarizing. Why do you forestall making an attempt? Indonesia made up our minds to stop firing the Malaysian troops. We proceed making an attempt our absolute best. Would you thoughts opening the door? We admit making errors. You deny stealing the cash? We advise remaining the website asap. Helen have shyed away from assembly Pricila. Don’t ever extend doing issues. They have mentioned assembly within the subsequent assembly. Do you experience browsing? Have you completed doing your challenge? Keep making an attempt. Don’t delay writing your thesis. We instructed/ beneficial suspending this system. We be apologetic about being not able to come back. We participated finalizing the proposal.We possibility proceeding the plant. Don’t tolerate ceating in any recreation. Harry have shyed away from paying past due charges at the account. Denny denied realizing the rest concerning the corruption. I postponed making a call till Monday. She regrets now not finding out French in school. Hanna enjoys listening to classical track. Jason admits spending an excessive amount of cash on toys. Let’s cross swimming!

3) After positive expressions (cannot lend a hand, cannot face up to, cannot endure, cannot stand, cannot forestall, cannot persist)

Gerunds are used after the expressions equivalent to cannot lend a hand, cannot face up to, cannot endure, cannot stand, cannot forestall, cannot persist,


I cannot forestall falling in love with English. Jenny cannot face up to consuming chocolate mints. His phrases cannot endure repeating. Terry cannot stand staying in Indonesia as a result of it is sizzling. I cannot forestall short of the girl..

4) Phrasal verbs with particle prepositions are Gerundized

Gerunds are used after phrasal verbs (verbs adopted by means of particle prepositions), in different phrases, gerunds are used with phrasal verbs that lead to prepositions. Phrasal verbs are verb words that are made up of 2 or extra phrases, usually the verb plus one or two prepositions equivalent to: call to mind, glance into, name off, recover from, determine, stay up for, do away with, take over, forestall off, deal in, object to, ccount on, depend on, and many others.


Have you considered transferring to the rustic? Never do away with doing issues. The trainer known as off practicing for the day. Tom appeared into discovering a brand new process.She took a very long time to recover from dropping her canine. I appeared into purchasing a brand new pc. Sally succeeded in geting over dropping weight. We stay up for assembly you once more at Why do not you take over overseeing the challenge? Terry stopped off buying groceries for the circle of relatives. We deal in distibuting fuel within the nation. We object to manipulating the knowledge. The guy simply counts on gathering rubbish to reside his circle of relatives. Don’t depend on the usage of the dictionary for meanings.

5) As gadgets of prepositions

In English verbs are gerundized as gadgets of prepositions: in, on, at, for, by means of, of, off, from, into, out of, oppositte, and many others. This signifies that each time a verb follows a preposition, the gerund or ‘ing’ type of the verb is used. This is particularly necessary for adjective + preposition combos and phrasal verbs (proven above) which usually lead to prepositions.


In making a call there are lots of issues to believe. On checking the products, we discovered one thing mistaken with the products. We wish to talk about prior to we arrive at making up our thoughts. I’m right here for attending a writing workshop. By following the formulation, we will become profitable rapid. Instead of staying I’d quite cross to theatre. We have simply come from visiting the manufacturing facility.

6) Certain Adjectives with positive prepositions take Gerunds

In English gerunds are used after positive adjectives with positive preposition combos which come with: fearful of, excellent/unhealthy/deficient, superb for (in, at), excited about, other from, uninterested in, astonished/stunned at (by means of), certain about/of, in a position to, gradual in, very similar to, to be/get aware of/used to, very similar to, and many others.


I’m fearful of waking up my father. Some of the cadets are unhealthy at spelling phrases in English. You are excellent at talking English. They are deficient at announcing phrases in Indonesian. These greens are exccelent formaking improvements to your well being. I’m excited about writing articles on track and sports activities. Are you fearful of hiking the mountain? The excursion information is uninterested in main the excursion. John is excellent at talking Dutch. Sally used to be fearful of strolling on my own at nighttime. They are in a position to fixing their sophisticated downside. We are used to/aware of running past due at evening.

7) As gadgets of possessive adjectives

Verbs are gerundized after possessive adjectives equivalent to my, your, his, her, our, their, its, Mary’s, John’s, and many others.


Thank you for your coming. Do you prefer my coming for your administrative center? I do not thoughts his asking me about our trade. We at all times hope his visiting to our website. We did not object to their interrupting us throughout the dialogue. I anticipated Mary’s coming the day gone by. John’s wondering could also be proper. I do not perceive its instructing us concerning the recreation.

8. As gadgets of goal pronouns

After goal pronouns equivalent to me, you, him, her, them, her, him, us, it, Mary, Tom, and many others. verbs are gerundized too.

I disagree with him suggesting such an concept. I really like him coming over to my administrative center. Do you prefer me coming for your administrative center? I do not thoughts him asking me about our trade. I anticipated Mary coming the day gone by. I do not perceive him behaving so rudely to us.

8) want, need, require+ Gerund

When verbs want, need and require are gerundized, they will have a passive infinitive which means.


The plants are loss of life so that they want watering (They wish to be watered). The flooring is grimy so it calls for cleansing (It calls for to be wiped clean). The deck desires portray (It desires to be painted).

9. little need and value + Gerund

Gerunds are extensively utilized after such expressions as little need, no worth, no essence, no floor, no excuse, no reason why and (now not) price.


There is no use crying over the spilt milk. It is (now not) price doing such an process anymore, it is unnecessary. There is no floor complaining concerning the defeat. There is no excuse coming past due once more.

10. No+ Gerunds to make prohibitions in English.

In English when making prohibitions with “no”, gerunds are incessantly used or the verbs are gerundized.


No smoking (smoking isn’t allowed) No parking! No tresspassing! No frightening! No overtaking!

In abstract, English verbs are gerundized by means of including ‘ing’ to any verb, and the verbs gerundized exchange their purposes to be partially nouns and partially verbs. Gerunds can serve as in English as topics of sentences, as gadgets of verbs, of prepositions, of possessive targets, of possessive adjectives, and many others.