Top 10 Summer Menswear Essentials Worth Picking Up


The time has come when the sun will shine bright, the temps will be rising high, and if you haven’t planned your summer attire yet, now is the time. We’ve compiled a list of the most important wardrobe essentials that every man should have on hand. Don’t worry; we have selected these essentials keeping in mind the laid-back vibes of summer yet joyful atmosphere.


Look at our top 10 must-haves essentials for men to handle the high temperature.



Light Coloured Blazer for Summer


  1. Light Coloured Blazer for Summer

The summer-weight blazer in a light hue like beige, grey, or white is first on our men’s summer staples list. You can choose a shoulder that isn’t structured and the one with very thin or without padding. To keep the blazer light and breathable, it is advised to keep it unlined. To add a touch of class, choose a delicate cotton or linen pocket square. Also, it is highly recommended to pair it with a flexible linen shirt, which is both fashionable and classy. This outstanding attire will boost your confident look while keeping you cool from the inside and hot from the outside. Isn’t it a great deal?


Scoop Neck T-shirt


  1. Scoop Neck T-shirt

Like a white shirt for men, a basic white t-shirt is a must-have for any man’s wardrobe. Yeah, we know that the scoop neck tee doesn’t get much attention, but it is a great summer shirt. The unusually broad neckline is a distinguishing feature of it. Some scoop necks are a little excessive in how much the neckline dips, but you can prefer a more modest neckline because it is less obvious yet distinguishes itself from a typical crew neck. Scoop neck t-shirts are made of lighter fabric and have a loose and comfortable fit, making them the perfect wardrobe collection for the summer.



Chino that light in weight


  1. Chino that light in weight

Ah! How can we forget chino in summers! This hot season, you should try chino pants that are light in colour. You can go for the colours such as light olive green or light brown. It’s unmistakably the focal point of this ensemble but in a subtle way. It goes well with a linen shirt, particularly a white shirt for men. Always go for a light shade because it aligns well with the summer heat. You can go for a narrow fit or a straight leg. Light-colored chinos are a must-have for any man’s summer wardrobe.



Reflective lens sunglasses


  1. Reflective lens sunglasses

A pair of reflective lens sunglasses is one of the men’s summer basics. Throughout the summer, you should never leave the house without it. They keep the sun off your eyes while still keeping you looking fashionable. Choose one with reflective lenses for the coolest factor, plus the added benefit of no one being able to see your eyes. Chino pants, white shirt, and sunglasses, this is it, and you are set to leave a style statement while staying comfortable in summer.



Short-Sleeve Shirt


  1. Short-Sleeve Shirt

Short-sleeve shirts are the most comfortable and light, giving you a casual look and making them a perfect fit for the summer season. The navy and white micro dot pattern short-sleeve linen shirt is a summer must-have. It’s worth it to wear a patterned button-down this summer if you haven’t already. You can pair it with shorts, pants or even jeans if you are comfortable. It’s your chance to show your biceps, *wink*!



Shorts in white


  1. Shorts in white

White shorts should be the first pair of shorts on the men’s summer needs list. In the summer, brighter colours like beige and white should be preferred because they reflect light rather than absorb it. Style tip, white and light blue linen shirts are the ideal summer colour combination. When it comes to the length of your shorts, stay away from anything below your knees. We understand that you work hard to keep things as casual as possible in the summer, and white shorts are just that. Simply ensure that the fit is impeccable, and you’ll look as elegant as the best of them.



Tropical Shirt


  1. Tropical Shirt

The tropical shirt, often known as a floral shirt, is always the centerpiece of your summer outfit. Floral shirts aren’t for everyone, but you must take advantage of this and have it in your wardrobe. Whether you are planning for a vacation or thinking of spending your weekend on the beach, this should be in your backpack. Bonus tip- you can match the top with basic cream-colored or white shorts and classic Sperrys.



Linen Shorts


  1. Linen Shorts

It’s summer, and everyone is looking for Lighter fabrics, right? Well, then Linen is one of them. Linen is a very absorbent fabric that dries rapidly, and it also does not stick to your skin. It’s best to wear it with a blue linen shirt, which will give you a summer vibe and make you look great. Even when it wrinkles, it has a certain charm that you are likely to enjoy. Just remember, Linen is designed to wrinkle, which is absolutely fine.



White Denim


  1. White Denim

Many people believe that men do not wear white pants. They say it is difficult to wear it in a busy and hectic schedule the whole day. Wearing White Denim with a navy blue linen shirt and Boat shoes just looks amazing. Wearing white pants indicates that you are self-assured in your fashion choices, and it will make your personality bold.


Polo Shirts


  1. Polo Shirts

Men’s Polo Shirts are extremely comfortable and long-lasting same as linen shirts. To keep things simple, you can go with white, navy, or grey Polo Linen Shirts. When it comes to the fit, you want it to be just perfect, not too loose or just too tight. It should fit just like a decent t-shirt and set a style statement. You can pair polo shirts with a jacket and slim-fit denim, white pants, linen shorts, or chinos.


Wrapping Up

That’s all, peeps! Thank you for having a sneak peek at this list of summer essentials. But this is not over, do not forget to add oil absorbing sheets, face, and body deodorising wipes, no-show socks, penny loafers, a canvas belt, and a watch. Summers always call up for minimum things, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be stylish. With these wardrobe essentials, flaunt your style and enjoy your summer days.


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