Top 6 Air Conditioning Options for Radiator Heated Homes

Heating homes with radiators aren’t easy to stay cool during summer. Insufficient ductwork means you’re not able to enjoy the possibility to use central AC, unless you’re prepared to shell out an enormous amount on renovations.

Fortunately, having to go through a lengthy and costly process of installing ducts isn’t the only alternative. There are a variety of alternative options for air conditioning that are ductless you can choose from that won’t require tearing down the walls or spending a fortune.

We’ve listed the top six cooling solutions for homes heated by radiators to ensure you stay cool and comfortable all through summer!


  1. Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems

A mini-split ductless AC unit is the best solution for homes that don’t have ductwork. Mini-split heat pumps that are ductless are able to provide heating and cooling and are a great solution for use all year round. They’re very efficient and will aid in saving the cost of your energy bill.

Additionally, mini-split air cooling units are quiet. Based on your requirements they can be installed only in rooms that require cooling. You could even do a mini-split yourself as there isn’t any installation of ductwork and you save on cost of fitting.

To have a fully controlled cooling environment you should connect your mini split using an Smart AC Controller. Cielo Breeze smart AC controllers can, for example, let users to manage the humidity and temperature settings on your smartphone, no matter the place you are. Furthermore, you can create schedules which means you don’t need to alter the temperature regularly. They can also assist you to reduce up to 25 percent on your energy costs. To make your life easier you can also integrate the controller to Alexa and Google Assistant.


  1. Window Air Conditioners

Window ACs are a well-known and cost-effective option for cooling homes that do not have central AC system. Similar to other air conditioners that works by removing moisture and heat from the air, and then exchanging the cool air into the room.

In the case of unit that is ductless, window ACs are the most simple to set up. They come in different sizes, so you need to choose one that’s suitable in accordance with the size and type that your windows are. They also have diverse features like the ability to set timers as well as sleep settings, which makes them a great cooling option for radiator-heated homes. They can also be equipped with the ability to be smart by connecting them to an windows AC thermostat.


  1. Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners

Are you not a person who is a fan of air conditioners in windows as they block light and airflow? Choose wall-mounted air conditioning to heat your radiator your home.

They function just like windows; however they are mounted on the wall instead of windows. They’re an excellent choice for homes with a limited window. Additionally, they are more energy efficient than window units since windows are more likely to have air leaks, which can lead to cooling loss. However, the hole that is in the wall to allow for installation is a long-term commitment therefore only select this kind of unit if it isn’t a problem for you.

To take greater control of your home’s climate, pair these units with intelligent AC controllers, and enjoy automated cooling.


  1. Portable Air Conditioners

If you don’t want to undergo the trouble of installing ducts since you only need to cool only a couple of rooms A mobile air conditioner is an excellent alternative.

The portable air conditioners are lightweight and simple transfer from room room, which makes them ideal for houses with limited space. Additionally, they have all the features you’d expect from an air conditioner like eliminating the excess humidity in your home.

There are two kinds of portable units, one hose and two hose systems. A single-hose system uses only one exhaust pipe in order to take air in and then expel the old air outside. However dual hose systems includes two hoses that are separate one for air intake and the other for exhaust air, which leads to higher efficiency.


  1. High-Velocity HVAC Systems

High-speed air conditioners are able to give the convenience from central AC, without the bulky ductwork or costly energy bills. Instead of ducts, they utilize smaller diameter tubing that can be inserted into walls. They are flexible enough to be placed between the studs. They also have smaller vents than those for ducted units and rectangular in shape. You can paint them to match your decor, without making a mess of the design of your home.

Because of their easy customizing and installation, they are the perfect air conditioning solution for older homes with no ductwork.

Because the high-velocity air conditioner is pushing air at a higher pressure, it helps chill your home faster than other kinds that use ACs. Because the AC doesn’t have to be switched off for long in order to attain the preferred temperature, it can help to reduce your monthly bills.


  1. Install Ductwork

If ductless alternatives don’t seem like to be the right choice for your house, you could install an air conditioner centrally inside your home that is heated by radiators. They offer the best cooling, in addition to being much more energy efficient portable or window units in terms of cooling the entire house.

On the other hand, vents contribute 20-30 per cent of the energy lost through leaks and holes. When it comes to the installation is concerned it’s a lot of work since walls need to be ripped apart and huge holes must be cut into your ceiling and floor. The blower is installed into the attic for retrofitting and the ducts run through ceiling registers that are installed in first-floor and second-floor rooms. The indoor evaporator is connected with the condenser outside with an insulated tube. The extensive requirements for fitting also take a considerable amount of cash.


In Conclusion

If you’re looking to cool down a huge home, a high-speed AC unit is an excellent option. If you don’t have a huge budget, window ACs and portable AC are fantastic cooling options for homes heated by radiators. A mini-split that is ductless and paired with an intelligent AC controller is the ideal option to ensure a perfect room temperature. No matter which option you select be sure to take into account your home’s needs, AC installation costs and energy consumption.


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