How Do I Remove a Trojan Virus From My Computer?

Often I am asked the question “how do I remove a Trojan virus from my computer?” It’s a broad question; why not ask how long a piece of string is? Easiest solution would have been to have installed protection, and not been infected in the first place. Unfortunately what happens in the heat of the moment – can’t be helped.

First of all, this virus has been given the title of ‘Trojan’ for a reason. If you remember the old story about the Greeks and the Trojan horse, you’ll already have a vague idea of what this virus does.

A Trojan virus appears innocent – disguised as a useful file or program. Secretly it harbors destructive code, which is released once the program or file is launched.

Quickest method to remove a Trojan virus from your computer is to update your anti-virus and scan every file – This can take awhile on older systems. Don’t have anti-virus? Grab some software quick – hopefully the infection hasn’t developed so far as to prevent you installing a cure.

Now, the anti-virus should have fixed the problem, if in your case the Trojan has expanded and your PC is unstable, even in safe mode. Don’t resort to a full system format with your windows CD just yet. Consider removing the hard drive – only do this if you know where your hard drive is on your PC.

Okay, if you are a bit of a tech whiz you can do this, or ask as family member to give you a hand. Connect your hard drive up to a second PC, make sure it has up to date tools to remove a virus.

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