8 Ways To Make Your Customers Laugh Online


According to studies, people tend to trust and purchase more from a brand that makes them laugh. Websites and social media are more than just platforms for marketing and advertising. They can also be a place to have some fun with customers, entertain them while giving away something that they’ll never forget about you-your site!

Here are eight ways your online store can create a fun environment for your customers:

1) Use memes and GIFs in your emails

Keeping in touch with customers can be a challenge. Emails that include funny images or videos will make them remember your brand longer than those with none. Always use this to their advantage. Consider using an email template generator if you’re looking into starting up campaigns soon. These email template generators provide professional-looking material that is perfect for marketing via eMails.

Email Marketing allows businesses worldwide to connect across regions while staying connected at all times. Thanks largely due to its ability to help companies reach out to specific demographics who might otherwise go unnoticed.


2) Use humor in your website content

Your website should always contain professional content. But every now and then, it’s okay to add some levity to the mix. If appropriate, add humorous elements to your product pages, About Us section, or blog. For example, a running shoe company could add funny taglines to the products on their website. While a recipe e-commerce site could write an amusing post about cooking with leftovers.

3) Add a sense of fun to your social media efforts

Social media is one of the best ways for companies to improve their brand’s online presence and interaction with customers. In addition to that, using relevant hashtags and useful links in posts are also necessary. You should also keep things lighthearted and interesting by occasionally throwing in humorous images or GIFs.

4) Respond to customer questions with kindness and humor

Nothing can kill an online shopping experience like poor customer service. But excellent communication skills can turn an unhappy customer into a loyal fan. If a customer sends you an email with a question, be sure to respond as quickly as possible and try to put a smile on their face with your message. This will show that you care about satisfying each individual shopper.

5) Promote humorous videos from other companies

When another company posts something funny online, share it on your social media channels to highlight the lighter side of your industry and to boost exposure for the original content creators. You might even consider approaching said brands to negotiate a cross-promotion.

6) Create a FAQ page filled with Easter eggs

This tip is geared more toward e-commerce sites, but it’s still worth considering if you run any sort of website or blog. Putting funny answers on your FAQ page can be a great way to engage with your audience and keep them coming back for more. You’ll also boost viewer retention, which can lead to more repeat visitors, higher customer satisfaction, and increased sales over time.

7) Feature the products your customers like best

One of the easiest ways to make people laugh is by telling jokes about things that they’re already familiar with. If you sell one particular product that constantly received positive feedback from purchasers, the customers will enjoy seeing it in an entertaining context. For example, an online retailer of gardening supplies could create humorous posts featuring their spades.

8) Use humor as part of your email subject lines

If you spend any amount of time reading news stories on the web, you’ve probably seen website owners and bloggers use humor in their headlines. You can do the same thing with your email subject lines to boost open rates. For example, a restaurant could write “we’re sorry about 7th grade” in the subject line of an email marketing campaign that sends to loyal customers on their birthday.


When it comes to the web, there are many different ways you can use your business’s website as an opportunity for fun with customers and entertainment. You could create a blog where people will be able to enjoy reading about what they like or maybe offer some tips on how he managed his social media accounts so well! At any rate: don’t forget that this medium was made just because we want our interactions in life – whether those involve buying something online or contacting someone directly via email-to happens outside of traditional channels; try being creative here too by creating content that makes both parties involved happy (you!)

What types of funny things have you done or seen online? Tell us about them in the comments below!



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