Before Attempting The Nag Tibba Trek, Here’s All You Need To Know.

Nag Tibba trek is probably the most elevated trek in India. Nag implies snake in Hindi, and Nag Tibba implies Serpents Peak. It is the most noteworthy top in the lower Himalayas of the Garhwal district close to Mussoorie. The reach gets its name from the Nag Tibba top itself. Nag Tibba is one of the three scopes of the Lesser Himalayas. The trek is among the best treks in the country. Situated at a height of 3025 metres, the Nag Tibba trek is a paradise for experiencing sweethearts.


How to reach?

The most ideal way to begin the Nag Tibba trek is to arrive at Dehradun from Delhi, only a couple of hours from the public capital. The trek can be finished in 2 to 3 days which incorporates the movement from Delhi.

The trek is simple to direct even out. You can finish this with least trouble regardless of whether you are a novice. You will go over a thick woodland cover, amazing perspectives on the Himalayas, great cascades, pleasant glades, and snow-loaded tops.

The trek is exceptionally near Mussoorie and Dehradun and is viewed as perhaps the most secure trek in the country. Catastrophic events like avalanches are an exceptionally intriguing peculiarity here.

Three trekking courses can be utilised to climb the Nag Tibba top.


Highway 1: The distance of this course is almost 13 km. This trek begins from Devalsari and goes up to the Nag Tibba top 3 km from the Forest Guest House. You can likewise remain at the Forest Guest House to take a rest. You get a 10,000 foot perspective of the whole locale from the Nag Tibba Top. You’ll go over the thick deodar timberland during the culmination. There are a few disengaged spots where you can click astonishing pictures and partake in harmony.


Highway 2: The subsequent course begins from Pantwari town. It is the most normal course used to climb the top. This town is located only 50 km away from Mussoorie. The length of the course is only 8 km, and it is perhaps the briefest way to arrive at the Nag Tibba top. One can climb the top in only a couple of hours. The whole course is brimming with grand scenes, beautiful glades, and lavish green valleys.


Highway 3: The third course is motorable. This course goes by means of Thatyur, and it goes as far as possible up to the harness way close to Aunter. One can stroll to the edge top utilising this course in the wake of arriving at Thatyur by means of their vehicle. The course from Aunter is generally straight and simple to climb.


You can isolate this trek into three days to get sufficient rest and partake in the trek and the wonderful landscapes that go over you. While the trek can be finished in 2 days, assuming you are an accomplished trekker, having three days in your plan’s fitting.

Right off the bat, you can arrive at Pantwari from Dehradun and trek to Base Camp.

On the subsequent day, you can move to the Nag Tibba top from the Nag Tibba sanctuary, partake in the perspective on the brilliant mountain ranges and return to the Nag Tibba headquarters later.

The following day, you can trek back to Pantwari town and make a beeline for your place from that point.

At the point when one knows about Nag Tibba, trekking is the principal word that rings a bell. In any case, there are a few other daring exercises that you can participate in while investigating this mountain range.

Camping in the lap of the earth’s life force on the uneven reach is among the most well-known exercises to appreciate in Nag Tibba. There’s an alternate appeal in setting up camp under the reasonable sky and partaking in the wonderful perspective on the close-by districts with your companions.

You can likewise sharpen your photography abilities while at Nag Tibba, one of the most beautiful spots in the state. In the event that you are adequately fortunate to observe a crisp evening sky, you can catch some entrancing star trails and the normal light of the Milky Way.


Where to Stay?

There aren’t any remaining choices at Nag Tibba Peak. You should set your tents at the Nag Tibba headquarters to remain in the evening. While you can get all the hardware essential for setting up camp by the trek administrators, it is smarter to convey your own setting up camp gear to keep away from any distress.

There are a couple of guesthouses at Devalsari and Pantwari on the two courses where you can stay for a spending plan. You can likewise remain at the Forest Rest House at the trek headquarters, however you should accept consent from the Mussoorie Forest Officer for that.

Additionally, there are no diners or food slows down at the Nag Tibba top. It is generally fitting to convey your own food supplies for refuelling yourself. You ought to convey bundled food and a few light snacks on your way up the pinnacle.

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