How To Grow Your Business With Top Micro-Influencers?

Social media has become the biggest platform to connect with the target audience of a company or brand. The marketing pundits have found the best way to establish the connection is with the help of the influencers. They have become the most trusted individuals on the social media platform by their followers. However, more than celebrity influencers, the marketing teams of various companies have found that the power of influencing lies in the hands of the top micro-influencers. They are trusted, and unlike the vast following that celebrity and mega influencers have, micro-influencers yield better results in a campaign’s success.

Hence, the top micro-influencers who have worked hard and continue to work hard in building a relationship with the audience are the ones winning.

So, if you are interested in hiring an influencer, consider a micro-influencer. They are now partnering with major brands. If you want to know how you can grow your business with the help of micro-influencers, read on.


  1. Hashtags That Are Campaign Specific 

In social media, where there are millions of contents, you need to stand out and reach your target audience. The discreet yet magical way to draw your viewers to your product is by creating content and using the right hashtags.

Irrespective of the punchlines you have on your content, social media platforms are designed to index the content. It requires specific topics and a theme for the post. So the way to get into the indexing is by using the most relevant hashtags. The art of hashtags is very well understood and deployed by micro-influencers. They can draw the fine line between not only using the correct hashtags for your brand but also the exact number of hashtags to attract traffic.

When you partner with the right micro-influencer, it is a beautiful thing because they can generate more views and increase the customer base that is genuine and organic.


  1. Creating UGC

Ninety-three percent of buyers of a product or service found UGC (User-generated content) to help make their purchase decision. So, what does UGC mean? First, any content users have made, and any online platform is UGC.

So how do UGC and micro-influencers connect? Well, most micro-influencers are pros in creating UGC, so once a brand gives them the content guidelines, the influencers know what to make. It means the content will be authentic, genuine, and have the unique touch of the influencer.

The content will not be your face promotional video or blog but rather a feature that audiences will be able to connect with since they are relatable.


  1. Sponsored Posts 

In the world of social media marketing, brands are using micro-influencers to get tagged with ‘Branded Content .’ The new trend means a UGC of a micro-influencer gets sponsored by a brand. In such content, the micro-influencer gives a shout-out to the brand sponsoring the video or blog while talking about the unique nature and benefits of the brand that audiences can utilize.

The sponsored posts work well because the brand’s naming helps them get noticed by the audience base of the micro-influencer, and they also get reviewed in a few minutes that is authentic.

Any sponsored posts have the transparency that allows the company to get insights into the micro-influencers post.


  1. Storytelling Strategy 

The other way brands are using micro-influencers is with the storytelling concept. It allows the audience to connect with the brand personality through the micro-influencer. One of the best ways to start, instead of sponsored posting with a promotional caption, is by doing a storytelling venture.

For instance, if a brand sells an athleisure product, it can team up with a fitness micro-influencer who can create a blog about wearing the product while going for a run or workout. It gives the audience a true insight into the product and how they enjoy it.

If you want to connect with storytelling strategy, look for influencers who align with your brand and have a profile that has the storytelling narrative.


  1. Get Honest Reviews 

If you are new to the business and trying to garner interest for your brand or service by securing your leads to conversion, ask micro-influencers to leave testimonials or review your product. The honest and positive feedback will reach their fanbase, which can easily increase sales.

However, micro-influencers take their jobs seriously and are dedicated to their followers. Therefore, you cannot just get a positive review if your product does not appeal to them. Hence, you must find a micro-influencer interested in products like yours and who is willing to try them.

The best way to go about it is to find your preferred micro-influencer and send them your products. After that, ask them to post about it and use your product on their channels while leaving a testimonial on your channel or/and website.


  1. Creating A Diverse Audience Base

Microsoft and National Geographic brought in micro-influencers for their campaign, causing quite a stir. The purpose was to promote women flourishing in business and science.

But the presence of micro-influencers brought in a conversation about women in men-dominated sectors and drove up the sales for these companies along a diverse base. The two-fold connection eventually paid off by reaching 91 million people.


The Takeaway

It has become evident that micro-influencers are becoming the need of the hour for marketing. They will not only cater to a niche audience but also have the ability to drive diversity and encourage the participation of the audience. So, if you are thinking of partnering with the top micro-influencers who cater to your industry, visit Afluncer. We bring in the best micro-influencers from all sectors to help a brand succeed.

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