6 Reasons why you should buy Samsung mobile phone from Bajaj mall

Even though we have emphasised the benefit of buying from shops and malls, not every store will be of equal advantage to you. Hence, you have to make the right decision and pick the most favourable one.

If you are going to a new phone for yourself or others, for instance, a Samsung mobile phone, then the finest decision would be to go with and choose from the mobiles Bajaj mall. Let us now see why.

6 Reasons why you should buy Samsung mobile phone from Bajaj mall


Ensuring the quality of the product in front of your eyes 

The first and the foremost reason you should buy important electronic gadgets like a Samsung mobile phone from malls like Bajaj mall is that you get the chance to inspect the quality of the gadget with your own eyes and then go to buy it.

In the online mode, you do not get this opportunity, and more often than not, the quality turns out to be a disappointment and the gadget faulty.


Engaging with family and friends

A primary reason why going out to shop in malls and stores is that you get to decide and finalize a product after discussing it with your friends, family or peers. This becomes important because, sometimes, many of them are experienced with the same product, and their personalize reviews help us a lot in times of confusion.


No shipping or delivery charges

What’s better than free shipping and zero delivery charges? Perhaps nothing. Do away with paying unnecessary shipping fees for a Samsung mobile phone by going and purchasing it from the mobiles Bajaj mall.


More discounts and offers

It might sound unbelievable, but shopping in malls and retail stores can get you more discounts and offers than in the online mode. A major reason is the high demand and popularity of the online mode. Therefore, malls and stores try to attract more customers by keeping high discounts on their available items and putting them on sale for most of the year.


Get the product right when you need it

Do you want to minimise the waiting period and get your Samsung mobile phone in your hands right away? Walk into your nearest Bajaj mall and purchase it in the physical mode instead.

Why wait for a two-week delivery period when you can do it right away just by shopping from your nearest mall? Sometimes we don’t even have the option to wait and might need something right away, which the online mode fails to cater to. There are more reasons why walking in serves as a better option for you.


Clarity of choices

Sometimes a product might not be the way you expected and the return period is already over, and you have nothing to do. Sometimes we even buy some other device that we might not require.

Therefore, walking into your nearest mall or store is the better option as you can check and then decide if the product is to your liking or not.

Let us look at a few Samsung mobile phone models which you can buy from your nearest mobiles Bajaj mall:


1.    Samsung Galaxy M53 5G (Mystique Green, 8GB, 128GB Storage)

The all-new Samsung Galaxy M53 has a classic noise cancellation system which lets you carry on with talking even in the loudest and noisiest environments. Its Object Eraser is a revolutionary feature that lets you take flawless shots erasing any object in its way.


2.    Samsung Galaxy M21 2021 Edition (Charcoal Black, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage) | FHD+ sAMOLED

Samsung never disappoints when it comes to the batter, does it? With a gigantic 6000maH battery life, stream Netflix non-stop or play games for more than 24 hours without losing battery, making it perfect for long journeys.

3. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G Black, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage

The Samsung Galaxy A33 beats any other model due to its huge storage capacity of 128 ROM and a super 8GB RAM. Store the heaviest files without worrying about a lag in the processor and keep using your device without any difference.

Make your shopping experience even better with Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Shop from your nearest Bajaj mall for any electronic gadget with amazing discounts and offers, be it a Samsung mobile phone or any other.

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