5 ways quantum technology can make Metaverse a better place for netizens


Facebook has now become Meta, officially! While the fans would possibly continue using the original brand name for a long time to come, this colossal social media empire of Mark Zuckerberg will not take too long to revolutionize the networking (and perhaps the World Wide Web).


Metaverse can be understood as a virtual representation of the real world as it closely mirrors the real world characters, transactions, activities, collaboration and communication. So, it becomes vital to find most advanced mechanisms to ensure high level security and support dynamic performance in metaverse. While Blockchain and AI are quoted as 2 major technologies for the purpose (and rightly so) Quantum technology is another advanced technology that perfectly fits the bill. In this article we will discuss different ways in which Quantum technology can help in a healthy growth of metaverse:


Making Blockchain more resilient 

With the time and popularity the complexity and frequency of interactions in Metaverse will multiply and demand for more resilient security measures. Here, one thing to consider is that the threat actors will also succeed in breaking or seeping through some of the best security mechanisms like Blockchain. Shor’s algorithms, for instance, can be used to break through advanced cryptographic protocols of Blockchain making it prone to attacks.


To prevent these quantum-based attacks, we need the same technology. By strategically integrating quantum technology at architecture level, we can develop Blockchain systems equipped with reliable defence mechanism against such quantum attacks. Likewise quantum technology can be used to secure AI and IoT in Metaverse ecosystem.


Building a manipulation-proof metaverse

Metaverse citizens with advanced technical knowledge can try to manipulate the system through smart algorithm engineering. It can not only defeat the democratic principles of Metaverse but can also lead to enormous effect on privacy, security and integrity of data and activities. We can prevent this by inducing sophisticated levels of randomness in metaverse ecosystem.

Generally the randomness is achieved by using different numbers but smart hackers can find advanced ways to accurately guess those numbers. So, a better option would be to replace random numbers with qubits series for generating random bits which is many times more secured and uncrackable than conventional random number system. Known as QRNG in short, the Quantum Random Number Generation will prove to be an extremely reliable way for creating a more secured Metaverse system that can’t be manipulated at any level! Companies like Quantum Dice have already started developing such systems and the initial results are highly positive!


High end data privacy and integrity

While AI and Blockchain technologies offer sophisticated security the ever expanding and complex nature of Metaverse would possibly demand even more powerful security options in the future. We may need to create several security layers of different intensities. Sophisticated technologies are like weapons. So, it is imperative to build defence mechanism with the futuristic technologies before threat actor’s start using them for malicious objectives.


For instance, we already have some prototypes on Blockchain-based web hosting solutions for higher security. Being decentralized, transparent and immutable this new technology can revolutionize the website security. Some people even believe that in the future Blockchain may replace SSL certificate as well. However, the Blockchain’s decentralized ecosystem can still be compromised through Shor’s algorithms-based technologies. Further be fortified against sophisticated attacks like Shor’s algorithms through quantum resistant technologies. So security at the root level will also play a vital role in creating a safer MetaUniverse.


Superior Machine learning capabilities 

Quantum Machine Learning is already inching fast towards achieving the key benefits it promises. Authority figures in their respective fields are sanguine about its dynamic capabilities and diverse use applications in vital fields like governance, pharmacy, science, education and finance, among others.


Optimized Metaverse experience for each participant

One of the major challenges is to optimize the Metaverse experience for different users of disparate levels and limitations. It would be a demanding task to deliver uniformly immersive experience to each user and help them enjoy the fullest potential of Metaverse. Quantum technology being a highly sophisticated technology plays a vital role in achieving this through advanced computations, ultra fast speed and real time dynamic capabilities courtesy its alternating nature.



Metaverse is one of the most popular trend in the tech world today, It is said to revolutionize the digital world and make it more interesting, inclusive and immersive. However, as it will be more immersive and closely imitate the real life interactions, it becomes very imperative to ensure the security. In this post we mentioned how Quantum computing, another upcoming technology, can help in making metaverse a highly secured place on the internet.

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