Your Xbox 360 Fix Shouldn’t Be Hard! – Discover The EASY 1 Hour Xbox 360 Fix

This Xbox 360 repair article goes to divulge to you the basis explanation for Xbox 360 purple lighting and display you what you wish to have to get it mounted (with a bit of luck nowadays).

Fist issues first: an Xbox 360 repair is usually a sensitive factor for folks, as a result of there’s A LOT of dangerous data going round available in the market. Further nonetheless, most of the people do not even know the actual explanation for Xbox 360 purple lighting.

Very BAD Xbox 360 Fix “Information”

Do NOT use a towel or hair dryer to mend your Xbox. Yes, this can be very irritating when your device is freezing mid sport at all times. But, do not do one thing silly that can motive critical injury.

People are announcing you’ll repair Xbox 360 purple lighting via heating your device with a hair dryer or via wrapping it in a towel. As you’ll see in a second, the reason for Xbox 360 purple lighting is warmth, so you do not want so as to add extra inappropriately! I say inappropriately, as a result of within the protected Xbox 360 repair manner (which I can give an explanation for in a second) makes use of warmth however handiest on targeted issues in your device and handiest upon getting wiped clean it as it should be and set it up accurately.

Know this: 94% of Xbox 360’s that want maintenance for the purple ring of loss of life DON’T NEED NEW PARTS. They simply want a little bit tweak to get them up and working. So take convenience in the truth that you’ll very most likely carry out a protected and simple Xbox 360 repair that may not require new portions.

And now…

The Cause of Xbox 360 Red Lights Revealed!

As the motherboard heats up, it starts to flex. This flexing motion reasons a loosening of the GPU (graphics processing unit). Once the GPU comes unfastened, your device freezes and also you get the Xbox 360 purple lighting!

Now you understand why the towel and hair dryer Xbox 360 repair is dangerous! It handiest makes the issue worse!

So, if you’re able to if truth be told repair your Xbox 360…

Xbox 360 Fix Setup

You will have to seek the advice of a qualified Xbox 360 repair information earlier than doing anything else (as it’s going to have movies and step-by-step instruction). Also, you’ll want some fundamental gear (like screw drivers), some washers (nylon washing machine), rubbing alcohol, and arctic silver thermal compound (it is a quite common gel that may be discovered at any laptop retailer, it handiest prices $1 or so).

If you simply get the gear your prices might be about $15, and for those who get a qualified Xbox 360 repair information (which is very advisable) that will help you in the course of the procedure it’s going to value you any other $24, so your overall value might be about $39 (assuming you don’t have any screwdriver software equipment).

If you’ve gotten all of the gear, you’ll repair your Xbox 360 in not up to an hour.

The actual advantage of an at house Xbox 360 repair is that you just do not need to ship it right into a Microsoft Xbox 360 restore centre. Sending it in prices $140 and takes as much as 6 weeks!

Also, the at house Xbox 360 repair is protected and rather simple. Over 500,000 folks have Xbox 360 purple lighting so skilled Xbox 360 repair guides display completely any person how to do that.

Without additional extend, here’s what you do to mend Xbox 360 purple lighting…

Guideline to the Xbox 360 Fix

Keep in thoughts a qualified Xbox 360 repair information could have footage and movies to lead you thru this. None the fewer, here’s what you wish to have to do to mend your purple lighting as soon as and for all (it really is not so frightening!).

1. Take off the faceplate, and take away the casing of your Xbox 360

2. Unplug the lovers and take away the motherboard

3. Flip the motherboard over and take off the two X-clamps at the again. Put 2 washers at the screws after which put the X-clamp again (do not over tighten the screws!). This a part of the Xbox 360 repair lessens the motherboards vibrations.

4. Now take off the warmth sink screw drivers, and set up 2 nylon washers via every of the holes, position the warmth sink again at the motherboard, and in addition upload 2 washers to every of the screws.

5. Now screw the screws in from the ground. You will have to now have 2 washers between the motherboard and warmth sink, and a couple of washers between the screws beneath and the motherboard. This a part of the Xbox 360 repair is helping stay the motherboard cool

6. Clean off the CPU and GPU (the 2 flat chips) with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol

7. Apply the arctic thermal compound over the CPU and GPU

8. Heat the GPU and CPU with a warmth gun for 30 seconds

9. Let the device settle down

10. Put it the casing again in combination, and tool it on. It will have to cycle in the course of the purple mild mistakes for some time. After 15 mins energy it off

11. Power it on and you might be excellent to head! Congratulations in your Xbox 360 repair!

Now you understand how simple the Xbox 360 repair REALLY is. You know the reason for purple mild mistakes, and you understand what you if truth be told want to do to mend the issue. The secret’s to do so! Don’t let your sport time get ruined via a continuing worry of freezing!

Best of good fortune together with your Xbox 360 repair!

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