You Can Print on Both Sides of the Paper With Epson T0711 Black Pigment Ink


How is pigment-based ink other from dye-based ink? Dye-based inks are somewhat less expensive as a result of they’re simple to provide. They have brighter colours. Dye-based inks are liquid founded and are subsequently liable to smudging, bleeding during the paper and dissolving when spilled with liquids. On the opposite hand, pigment-based are slightly bit dear as a result of they’re tougher to make. They typically have resins that give them longer print permanence. However, pigment-based inks show an impact known as metamerism during which colours seem otherwise underneath other lights prerequisites. However, Epson, the sector's main leading edge corporate on printers and inks have advanced a different pigment founded ink that has transcended those faults the use of DuraBrite® pigment ink era. Let us provide an explanation for those additional via reviewing an ink that makes use of this era, the "Cheetah Ink", Epson T0711.

Overall Rating: 4.five out of stars

T0711 Black Pigment Ink Key Features:

Smudge, scratch, fade and water resistant, the Epson T0711 black pigment ink does all of it with DuraBrite® pigment ink era. This uses microencapsulation the place the droplets are held in a different resin and does no longer get absorbed into the paper like dye-based inks. They keep at the floor of the paper fibers which lead to darker blacks and brighter colours. Photos and photographs keep alive whilst textual content stays sharp and transparent.

T0711 Black Pigment Ink Price:

Genuine ink cartridges price £ 10.42 (VAT inc) whilst T0711 appropriate ink prices £ 3.33 (plus transport)

Product Description:

One may be expecting remarkable effects from the Epson T0711 particularly when printing greeting playing cards, internet pages, experiences, menus, resumes, labels, and so forth. on simple paper. But it does no longer finish there, the T0711 may be used to print implausible pictures on shiny photograph papers in addition to iron on transfers, OHP Transparency motion pictures, and shiny self-adhesive sheets. It has particular components that reduces metamerism and gloss differential whilst expanding brightness and sturdiness.

Product Specifications:

The Epson T0711 black pigment ink can be utilized on an enormous vary of Epson Printers.

It prints roughly as much as 250 pages even if it is very important word that printing effects varies with printer used. OEMs comprise about 7ml of black ink whilst non-OEM firms have produced an additional huge Epson T0711 appropriate cartridge that accommodates as much as 19ml of black ink.


Epson's T0711 Ink is without doubt one of the biggest monetary investments you'll ever make on your printing wishes. For prints that ultimate, check out theEpson T0711. Now!

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