Woman from ‘Love You Zindagi’ viral video succumbs to Covid-19

NEW DELHI: A 30-year-old woman, whose recent video from a Covid ward where she could be spotted paying attention to a hit Bollywood song had gone viral, has succumbed to the virus.
“I’m very sorry. We out of place the brave girl,” Dr Monika Langeh tweeted on Friday.
Dr Langeh had posted the video of the woman a few days prior to now where she could be spotted swaying to “Love You Zindagi” while wearing an oxygen mask.

Together with the video, Dr Langeh said that the woman had didn’t secure an ICU bed and was once being treated throughout the emergency ward. “She is a robust girl with strong will power asked me to play some music & I allowed her,” she had said.
The girl was once later shifted to the ICU ward on the other hand her scenario however no longer stabilise . In an emotional message, the doctor urged everyone to wish for the “brave soul”.
“Every so often I believe so helpless. It’s all throughout the arms of almighty what we plan what we expect isn’t in our arms. Somewhat kid is taking a look forward to her at area. Please pray,” Dr Langeh had said, following which Twitterati answered with messages of hope & support.
Then again, the death of the woman evoked heart-breaking reactions on Twitter, with quite a lot of grief-stricken shoppers expressing condolences.
One shopper wrote: “…Exhausting to imagine this sort of spirited more youthful, girl may just no longer make it.”
“I pray for her family and kid. Would possibly God give them energy to care for the loss even though it’s inconceivable,” each different shopper posted.
While many others referred to as the woman a “fighter”, some said the Bollywood observe would always remind them of her.
“In my existence in long term each and every time I take note of that song, She shall be remembered…” one tweet be informed.
This is just one of quite a lot of such heart-wrenching stories that have been doing the rounds on social media ever since the deadly second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic struck the country.
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