Window Phone 7 and Further Versions Aim to Give Its Users a Perfect Web Browsing Experience

The core parameters to be tackled in order to achieve the rich mobile web experience as specified by MS officials are:

1. User Interface of the Browser.

2. Compatibility of the WP enabled devices with a wide array of website layouts.

3. Considering battery conservation and its smooth rendering performance.

The desktop specialist houses a separate team that is incessantly working hard and implementing strategies that would serve the common man with the best mobile browsing experience. This team is trying its best to enable the contents and services on the mobile browsers more appealing to the users when using their Window Phone.

WP 7 is slowly and steadily stepping into the mobile space with leading companies developing stuff on the IE9 for the Mango. The most popular sports channel ESPN had great feedback about the process of developing for the IE9 browser on WP. Their mobile site development team was quiet satisfied about the CSS3/HTML5 support and pointed out that the process of developing on the IE9 had a similar environment as that on the Personal Computer.

For that scintillating experience of your favorite sport on the ESPN, be sure you visit their website on the Window Phone; I bet you will be overwhelmed with what the ESPN has done onto their mobile site on the IE9 browser. The IE9 browser is that wonder browser that will remind you of the days of desktop browsing but now on a smaller mobile screen.

Mobile browsing is not just about accessing content pages or static websites on the mobile device. Watching videos online too is another aspect the Window Phone team considers for improvement. In other mobile operating systems, YouTube videos are perhaps watched on a dedicated app for that delightful experience even if the video site HTML5 compatible. But, Window phone device can directly play your desired video directly without downloading any app. I think it’s one of coolest features of the Window Phone 7 enabled device.

Another noteworthy trait of the Microsoft’s goals is that it wants to appeal to the common man audience with simplicity and greater functionality. By keeping track of Window Phone users the development team has done major changes to its UI by keeping the address bar at the bottom of the screen, the refresh button was moved out of the address bar as desired by the Window Phone owners and an ample breathing room for the browsing is created for that perfect experience while digging into the internet space.

Last but never the least is the Mango app marketplace. The users can download their utility apps from the app market worry-free as the apps uploaded are of high quality and no junky stuff unlike the other app marketplaces. So in case you are already a proud window phone owner, you are probably happy and in case you want to try a hand at owning it then your decision is never wrong in my opinion. Developers too can enjoy a profitable journey by creating apps on this platform and am sure the returns are lucrative in the days to come.

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