Why printer showing the 5b00 error and how to resolve it?

The main cause of Canon Printer Error 5b00 is improper use or installation of ink cartridges. To resolve this issue, reset the spilled ink block. You can also run the ink cleaning procedure manually to remedy this problem.

When this problem occurs, the printer initializes, but it will interfere with printing. So if you are facing this problem, you do not have to worry about being in the right place. Here are some easy and effective ways to fix 5b00 error restoring program for canon printers.


How to Fix Canon 5b00 Error Code

Reset the spilled ink component

  • First, disconnect the cable and cord from the printer.
  • Release the power icon when the printer light is on
  • When the green light goes out, double-tap the power icon
  • When the green light goes out, close the access door and check if the Canon 5b00 error code has been corrected.
  • Manually clean the ink waste unit
  • Open the print cartridge assembly with the Canon printer
  • There is a spool behind the cartridge and a white box next.
  • This will reset the printer and also solve the printer problem.


Other troubleshooting steps

If the above solution does not work, try the following:

  • Make sure the printhead is clean.
  • If the ink level is low, refill with ink.

This error occurs because the ink meter has been exceeded. When this error appears, the ink in the cartridge is wasted. This error should be corrected immediately.

There are many possible causes behind this error, but this error mainly occurs when using an external cartridge with a Canon printer. Third-party cartridges can damage the printer and affect print quality. If you want to protect your device from Canon 5B00 error codes, you should always install an original cartridge in your printer.

The dry ink on the print head can also cause this error. You can use the print head cleaning tool to clean dry ink from the print head, and then print from the printer to see if the Canon 5B00 error has been corrected.


How can I fix 5B00 flash full ink absorption error 7 in g2000?

You can reset the ink absorber by following the procedure described.

  • Open the tool and check that all buttons and functions are activated
  • If not, all functions and buttons must be activated
  • Find the ink absorption counter settings
  • Find the counter value setting
  • Set the counter value to 0%
  • Then click the “Settings” button.
  • A confirmation message appears on the screen, indicating completed the job.
  • Run the printer in service mode


You can operate the printer in service mode by following the steps provided.

  • Press the stop button
  • Turn off the Canon printer.
  • Every time you press a button, the colour of the bulb changes. Press the button six times, and the lamp will turn blue.
  • Release the on / off button
  • The blue light starts flashing. Wait approx. 30-40 seconds until the blue light stabilizes. The printer is now in service mode. Connect the printer to your computer and see if the error 5B00CanonG2000 has been fixed.


Canon Printer Error 5B00 Recovery Software

You can also correct the error by restoring your Canon printer if the printer encounters this error. Restart the printer and check if the error is corrected.

  • Hold down the power button and press the reset button twice
  • Wait approx. 1 minute until an inactive message is displayed

Then close the cartridge door and initialize the printer. Then run the print command on the printer to check for any errors. You can also request support from Canon support code 5B00.


Troubleshoot printer errors

Canon 5B00 printer errors can be corrected by performing printer troubleshooting. You can perform the built-in printer troubleshooting on Windows devices to check the device for printer-related errors. 5 Perform printer troubleshooting to locate the file associated with the error.

  • 5B00 Closes the print error handling
  • Go to the settings page
  • Click Update and Security
  • Select the Troubleshooting page
  • Go to Printers and click the Troubleshooting button

Printer troubleshooting and printer troubleshooting are performed. Otherwise, click on the report page to read the error information.


Check the print cartridge.

If the Canon printer cannot remove the cartridge, the user may experience a printing error. Suppose you receive error 5B00 on your Canon device. Find the cartridge. Open the Canon printer and remove the print cartridge. Then check the contact pins. After checking the cartridge, carefully reinstall it on the machine.

Check the tape if you get error 5B00 on your Canon after installing a new cartridge. The new cartridge has protective straps and clips to prevent handling damage. However, you must remove the tape and clips before connecting them to your device. If the error occurs because the cartridge is damaged, buy a new one for your device.


Paper pinched

Paper jams can occur in the printer if the paper is torn or if the paper roll pulls several pages during the printing process. Then restart the printer and check for error 5B00. When this error occurs, the printer starts normally, but all printing and scanning stops. This error usually indicates improper use of the toner cartridge.


Check the printer’s printhead and fuser.

Error 5B00 may occur if the print head temperature on a Canon device has risen. Turn off the printer if you print a lot and suddenly get an error code. Wait for the print head to cool before trying to print. The printhead needs to be cleaned to improve print quality and resolve errors. Canon also has a print head cleaning tool.

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