Why Does Islam Forbid Magic and Sorcery?

Magic. The phrase on my own is temptation for males one too repeatedly, particularly for them who seeks ‘miracle’. In Islam, alternatively, the observe of sihr (magic, because of this one thing this is hidden and its purpose is unknown) is an act of kufr (disbelief); subsequently magic and sorcery is forbidden is is thought of as haram. Even the act of believing in it with out training it is usually haram. Magic right here, way sorcery, witchcraft, fortune-telling and occults. It will have to to be famous however the so referred to as magic used for leisure, reminiscent of magic presentations isn’t prohibited by way of Islam only if the ‘magicians’ don’t violate any of the dictates of Islam in anyway.

Practitioners of magic (Muslims, this is) imagine in magical energy, a demonic energy (as it’s mentioned that one can’t reach sorcery with out in quest of the assistance of the satan), and would ceaselessly worship it. As such, they might then declare that there’s different higher energy apart than Allah when as Muslims, they’re to, and will have to, settle for simplest Allah as the only and simplest God, the robust one. Believing in another very best being can be an act of disbelief against Allah. Finding out magic could also be an act of disbelief as a result of they declare to have magical powers, when such powers can simplest exist within the Almighty himself.

The Prophet mentions this,

“Whoever is going to a fortune-teller or a soothsayer and believes in what he says has disbelieved in what used to be printed to Muhammad.”

Since magic is assumed to be as robust as God, it could be no other than to affiliate sorcery with Allah. And the act of associating anything else or any individual with God in manners of worship is a brilliant sin that includes serious punishment. Al-Maaidah 5:72 says:

“Verily whoever units up companions with Allah, then Allah has forbidden Paradise for him and the fireplace can be his homestead. And for the Zalimun (Polytheists, and wrongdoers) there are not any helpers.”

That is additional evidenced by way of the warnings of the messenger of God:

“Steer clear of the seven harmful sins!” They mentioned, “What are they, O Messenger of Allah?” He responded, “Associating companions with Allah; training sorcery; taking a existence, which Allah has made forbidden with the exception of for a simply purpose (in step with Islamic Legislation); consuming Riba (usury) consuming up an orphan’s wealth; fleeing from the fight box on the time of combating (with the unbelievers); and accusing chaste ladies, who by no means bring to mind anything else that may contact their chastity and who’re just right believers, of fornication.

But even so that, sorcerers would manipulate simple-minded, naive other folks in to believing their energy and thus magic as smartly. Those lead the believers against magic, and therefore lead them clear of God. Such act is thought of as evil or Satanic, for simplest Devil seeks to take away the believers from their religion in God.

One more reason why sorcery and magic is a sin is because of its influences and penalties. Sorcery tempts males with evil and reasons a circle of relatives to wreck aside. It manipulates the weak-minded, dominates their thoughts and influences them to do dangerous deeds. Extra ceaselessly than, males seeks magic to instill hurt unto different beings. Once more, main males against evil as a substitute goodness.

Magic is infrequently used for just right functions, despite the fact that some would declare that, calling it white magic. However even though magic is used for just right intentions, it stays a undeniable fact that it’s depending on unnatural powers and talents, one thing that isn’t God-give (in a different way, He shouldn’t have forbid it). To not point out that the observe of white magic is a slippery slope to descending to black magic, which most often harms all and advantages none.

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