When Chauffeur Driven Cars Are the Best Option

Here’s a common scenario – you’re late for a meeting, you have other business to attend to and you’re having to put a conference call on hold so you can yell directions at your taxi driver. Not fun, not productive – and not necessary. Using chauffeur driven cars can be as cost effective as taxis in terms of all the time they save – not to mention the fact that they are set up for conducting business on the move. Ditch the cabs and move over to the executive equivalent: the benefits will become clear in no time at all.

A chauffeur isn’t just about style – though of course one can never fail to be stylish when one is riding around the city in a quality vehicle driven by a professional driver. No – chauffeur driven cars are about proper convenience for business people: allowing them to travel swiftly, safely and surely between meetings and appointments and offering them the opportunity to attend to all their other business while they are on the move.

Take Vennards of London as an example. Vennards’ cars are set up with conference seating and total connectivity: which means that a person can conduct a meeting in the car, whilst en route to another meeting or appointment. That’s a lot more civilised than sweating profusely in the back of a taxi while the driver gets stuck behind the latest set of central London road works. Chauffeur driven cars, unlike taxis, are basically moving offices – everything is there at the touch of a button, Internet is plugged in and refreshments are on hand. Now that sounds like a more civilised way of doing things.

The drivers of chauffeur service cars tend to come with a list of unlooked for (but very welcome) extras, too. A lot of chauffeurs are ex military of ex police – which means they are trained in driving to an extraordinary professional standard, and are of course completely discreet and impeccably polite. Clients using the services of chauffeur driven cars can also specifically request an ex military or ex police driver – effectively getting a highly trained bodyguard and chauffeur in one hit. Plenty of business men and women represent enough vested interests of one country or another to make the selection of driver a very important part of the process: when one uses a company like Vennards one knows that one’s people, as well as one’s work, are in safe hands.

When one takes into account the amount of extra business one can do, when one uses chauffeured cars instead of taxis; and when one also takes into account the much better impression one gives when turning up for meetings, conferences and so on in chauffeur driven cars, it becomes quickly apparent that the extra money they may cost to hire, pays itself back in terms of productivity and image. These are, after all, the two cardinal rules of good business. Ditch the cab and start thinking about a mobile office, staffed by a polite, efficient and thoroughly knowledgeable secretary. That’s what chauffeur driven vehicles are all about.

Article Source Link by Shane Piter

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