What is an Enriched Preschool Program?

Many of the best Brookline preschools offer enriched programs as part of their curriculum. Why? Because numerous studies have demonstrated that enrichment programs benefit children in every socioeconomic group enabling them to become productive citizens of the world in the future. That of course, is the number one reason many Brookline parents choose to enroll their child in a Brookline preschool that offers an enriched program emphasizing social, physical, and cognitive development in addition to language skills.

Preschools in Brookline should go beyond providing basic childcare and parents searching for the best Brookline preschool providers know this. Enrichment programs should include a variety of activities that stimulate young minds, from learning a second language to dramatic and creative play to basic science experiments that offer kids a chance to explore the world around them in greater detail. With this in mind most preschools in Brookline focus on three basic elements-a whole child approach, bilingual education, and exploration of the world around them.

Exploring the World

Much of what we learn takes place outside the traditional classroom. The preschools in Brookline offer plenty of opportunities for kids to explore the world through field trips, visits to museums and other cultural institutions, and even ordinary trips to the playground to observe urban and suburban wildlife.

The Whole Child Approach

A Brookline preschool that offers an enrichment program typically offers kids plenty of opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills through arts and crafts or outdoor play activities. The difference is that at many of the best Brookline preschools there is a multi-level curriculum that probably includes drama classes, language lessons, and maybe even weekly yoga classes, which by the way are a terrific way for children who may not be sports minded to get in some exercise. Yoga is also a good way for kids to learn how to calm down in times of stress.

A Bi-Lingual Education

At Brookline preschools a bilingual education is often part of the curriculum as well. If that’s important to you as a parent of a Brookline preschooler, then you should seek out the best Brookline preschool that offers bilingual education as part of its enrichment program. Learning a second language or even a third one is a terrific way for youngsters to build language skills such as vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar. Bilingual education also increases a child’s appreciation of customs and cultures that differ from their own.

Jane Bartlett