Vedic Astrology – Auspicious Time Period for Buying a Car

In a Horoscope, Fourth area is named Vahana Sthana(Position of auto). Venus is the planet of Pleasure, Luxury, so naturally Venus turns into the karaka (significator) for the Vehicle. Mars represents the structural side of the Vehicle as Mars would constitute steel, engineering, device and many others. The serve as of the auto or a Vehicle is to move folks, or conveyance. Transportation is using the auto. Mercury is the planet related to transportation, quick distance go back and forth, Communication and many others. so Mercury additionally must be thought to be whilst purchasing or promoting a automobile.

Benefic side at the 4th area, 4th lord, or Venus can be very useful for the acquisition of a automobile when the favorable primary dasa or sub dasa is operating, and even through a just right planet transit over the 4th area. The affiliation of the benefic planet may well be through side or conjunction.

Please be certain that those planets are in direct movement all the way through the time you might be purchasing a automobile. That is the 4th lord, Venus and Mercury. If the ones planets are stricken, the structural and the practical side of the auto can be severely affected someday. The Ascendant on the time of shopping for the auto could also be crucial to believe. It must be unfastened from afflictions as smartly. Who advantages from a sale whether or not the vendor or the consumer and many others can be noticed from the site of those planets concerned on the time of Purchase.

For a just right end result, please be certain that the Venus, Mercury and your 4th lord within the horoscope are smartly positioned!