US Election 2020: Sholay to Sima aunty, US poll campaign gets desi touch

Mausi: Trump mein kya kharabi hai beta?
Jai: Arre Mausi, Trump mein ek bhi achha gun ho to batau. Jab Senate jaata hai to galat kaam karke aata hai, moo kholta hai to jhoot bolta hai aur poore desh ko covid ki bimari mein doboke rakha hai.
Mausi: Theek hai beta mein Biden ko vote de kar aati hoon

Welcome to the United States election desi taste the place the facility of popular culture — tweaked Sholay dialogues, Bigg Boss memes and Sima Aunty of Indian Matchmaking popularity — is being harnessed to induce Indian American citizens to get out and vote. Radio spots that experience a doting daughter chatting with ”
Papaji” in an unmistakeable Punjabi accessory and TV ads that promise to go away a protected international for ”
betiyan” (daughters) are all a part of an intense marketing campaign the place each Democrat and Republicans are going all out to woo desis.