Udaipur – The City of Lakes or The White City of India. Facts And History

Udaipur city is best known for its beautiful lakes and palaces. The city has several lakes, the most famous being Lake Pichola. The lake is surrounded by palaces, temples, and Havelis and is a popular tourist spot. The other lakes in Udaipur include Fateh Sagar Lake, Udai Sagar Lake, and Swaroop Sagar Lake. The city is also home to several palaces, the most famous being the City Palace. The palace is a complex of buildings and is located on the banks of Lake Pichola. The palace complex houses several museums and is a popular tourist destination.


Udaipur – The City of Lakes 


Udaipur is a beautiful city located in the state of Rajasthan in India. The city is known as the City of Lakes due to many lakes within its boundaries. The lakes add to the city’s beauty and attract tourists from all over the world.

The most famous lake in Udaipur is the Pichola Lake which is a man-made lake that was created in the 14th century. The lake is surrounded by hills, temples, and palaces and is a popular tourist spot. Other lakes in Udaipur include the Fateh Sagar Lake, the Udai Sagar Lake, and the Jaisamand Lake.

The lakes in Udaipur are not only a tourist attraction but are also an important part of the city’s ecosystem. The lakes provide water for the city’s residents and are home to various fish and other aquatic creatures. The lakes also help to keep the city cooler in the summer months. Udaipur is a beautiful city that is well worth a visit. The city’s lakes are a major part of its charm and appeal and will leave visitors with lasting memories.


Lakes in Udaipur

  • Fateh Sagar Lake
  • Udai Sagar Lake
  • Rajsamand Lake
  • Doodh Talai
  • Lake Pichola
  • Jaisamand Lake
  • Badi Lake
  • Swaroop Sagar Lake


Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur


The Fateh Sagar Lake is in Udaipur, Rajasthan and is one of the four major lakes of the city. The lake is said to have been constructed by Maharana Jai Singh in 1687, but the earthen bund which formed the lake was washed away during floods 200 years later. Maharana Fateh Singh is said to have built the “Connaught Dam” on Lake Dewali in 1889 to mark the visit of the Duke of Connaught, son of Queen Victoria. The lake is surrounded by hills on three sides and has three islands housing the Jag Niwas, Nehru Park, and the Udaipur Solar Observatory. The lake is a popular tourist spot and is also used for water sports such as boating and fishing. Fateh Sagar Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in India and ranks high on the list of must-sees. The lake is in the Udaipur in Rajasthan and is surrounded by hills, making it a picturesque spot. Visitors can take a boat ride around the lake or simply enjoy the view from the banks. The lake is also home to several restaurants and cafes, making it the perfect place to spend a day relaxing.


Udai Sagar Lake, Udaipur


Udai Sagar Lake is a beautiful artificial lake in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It was built in the 16th century by Maharana Udai Singh II of the Mewar dynasty. The lake is fed by the Aji River and is surrounded by the Aravalli hills. It is a popular spot for picnics and offers stunning city views. The lake is about 4 km in length and 3 km in width. The best time to visit the lake is between September and March. The weather is cooler, and the lake is full of water. The lake is a popular spot for bird watching, and many different species of birds can be seen.


Rajsamand Lake, Udaipur


Rajsamand Lake, alternatively called Rajsamudra Lake, is an artificial lake located in the Rajsamand District of Rajasthan state in India. It was built in 1660 by Maharana Raj Singh of Mewar Kingdom. The lake is fed by the River Gomati and has a catchment area of about 33 square kilometers. The lake’s primary purpose was to serve as a reservoir for the irrigation of the Udaipur region. The lake is at an elevation of 513 meters above mean sea level. It has a maximum depth of 15 meters and a shoreline of about 42 kilometers. The lake is surrounded by the Aravalli Hills and is a popular tourist destination.


Doodh Talai, Udaipur


The Dudh Talai Lake lies at the southeastern end of Lake Pichola in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is known as the Pond of Milk, as it once served as a grazing area for the cows that supplied milk to the royal family. The lake is surrounded by hills and has a small island in the middle, which is home to a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Krishna. In the evenings, the lake is illuminated by lamps and is a popular tourist spot.


Lake Pichola, Udaipur


Lake Pichola in Udaipur is a stunning natural wonder that is perfect for a romantic getaway. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills, and the water is clean and clear. There are plenty of activities to enjoy around the lake, including boating, swimming, and hiking. The best time to visit Lake Pichola is in the spring or autumn when the weather is mild, and the scenery is at its best.


Jaisamand Lake, Udaipur


Jaisamand Lake is the second-largest artificial lake in India and is situated about 50 kilometers from the city of Udaipur. It was constructed in 1685 by Maharana Jagat Singh and is named after him. The lake is fed by the waters of the River Ahar and covers an area of around 36 square kilometers. It is surrounded by the Aravalli hills and has two islands, namely, the Jaisamand Island and the Ganesh Niwas Island. The lake is a popular tourist spot known for its scenic beauty. It is also home to several migratory bird species.


Badi Lake, Udaipur


Jiyan Sagar or Badi ka Talab is another artificial freshwater lake built by Maharana Raj Singh to counter a devastating famine in the village of Badi back in the 17th century. The famine was caused by a prolonged drought, and the lake was built to provide a reliable water source for the villagers. The lake is still used today and is a popular spot for picnics and swimming.


Swaroop Sagar Lake, Udaipur


Swaroop Sagar Lake was built by Maharana Swarup Singh of Udaipur in 1857s. This lake was built to avoid water congestion and balance the water level in the connecting lakes, namely Fateh Sagar Lake and Pichola Lake. The construction of the Swaroop Sagar Lake helped in regulating the water level in the other two lakes and prevented flooding in the city of Udaipur. The lake is also a popular tourist destination, and visitors can enjoy boat rides and views of the city from the lake.



Rajasthan is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations, and Udaipur is one of the main reasons. This city has an incredible collection of lakes and palaces, making it a popular destination for vacationers and business travellers. We hope you have enjoyed this blog about Udaipur and would highly recommend that you check out this city if you are interested in a vacation or business travel.

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