The Three Secrets to the Attraction Marketing Formula

I am assuming that you were network marketing right now and you are looking for a way to make your business work on line. You may already be familiar with such people like Mike Dillard who offers a great course in magnetic sponsoring. You may already be familiar with the term attraction marketing since you are looking at this article right now. What I am going to do is quickly go over the three secrets to the attraction marketing formula.

There are just a couple things that you need to do to ensure your success.

The first thing you need to do is become an expert at driving traffic to your website. There are literally over a hundred different ways to do this, so don’t learn them all! I recommend starting with just two or three different ways. Some of the more popular ways are social media and Google pay per click. Such websites as YouTube have so many people viewing the videos that you could spend all day on there making new friends and making new connections to show your videos off. Make some videos that are informative and attractive to a viewer and they are bound to go to your website.

The next secret to the attraction marketing formula is the website and system itself. You must have an excellent converting landing page and well written sales letter. Without these, you will be spinning your wheels. You need to offer a free training video or e-book of some kind to get their e-mail address and name; without this you can not have success with a landing page.

The third and final secret to success in the attraction of marketing formula is your phone skills. Just because you’re doing your business online doesn’t mean that you should never talk to anyone ever again; in fact if you don’t, you cannot make a huge income. This is still a people business and you need to connect with people as much as possible. Some of your biggest sales can only be done with conversation. It’s tough to get someone sold on a $5,000 purchase with just a video and some text, but a one on one conversation with someone can put the prospect over the edge to buy.

Article Source link by Ryan M Shaw

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