The Self Storage Industry – The Growth of Mobile Storage

The Australian self storage industry is growing extremely fast with the segment experiencing double digit growth in recent years. With the demand for self storage growing strongly industry proprietors have been looking for innovative new ways to add value and service their clients to stand apart from the competition. One interesting new innovative in the market place has been the emergence of the mobile storage market segment. Mobile Storage is an idea which involved in the United States in the 1990's and has grown in popularity ever since.

Mobile storage is the concept of having a portable storage unit transported to your business or residential address then having it picked up again and delivered to a storage facility once you've filled it up. Mobile Storage companies typically even offer storage materials and professional packers and movers to help you relocate your belongings. This of course helps to take away much of the stress involved with moving.

Self storage is actually one of the few industries which continue to grow through the recession as many businesses are downsizing and relocating as are homeowners. Self storage is an extremely valuable service during both the hard times we are currently facing as well as the good times, times of growth when families are expanding and businesses need additional storage to cope with business growth.

One of the most interesting developments in the stages of growth of the self storage market is the rise of an increasingly price sensitive market. Until recently most self storage businesses have had similar service offerings and most consumers have chosen their storage provide based on location. Now with segmentation of the market place and new innovations like mobile storage consumers have more options and have become increasingly "value for money" driven.

With mobile storage consumers do not have to choose their self storage provider based on location as their items will be transported for them which means they can often be stored in locations where land is cheaper such decreasing storage costs, thus mobile storage is not necessarily more expensive . Mobile storage offers cost savings based on the amount of time the consumer would have to spend packing and moving the items to be stored themselves or paying another party to move them for them. Since mobile storage companies have the incentive to provide moving costs at a lower price due to collecting storage fees. They are also a further along the experience curve than the consumer having the experience of a moving company meaning the can be more efficient on a cost basis. The mobile storage segment represents a significant innovation in not only convenience and price but in the overall efficiency of the market.

So what are the most significant driving factors in consumer choice? Important factors indicated by consumers include the safety and security of their items as well as easy convenient access. All good self storage companies have 24 hour digital video security, secure facilities and insurance. Many companies offer different levels of service which will give you different levels of insurance and security. Consumers can also choose different sizes of storage facilities from locker type arrangements through to containers large enough to storage furniture for a five bedroom house or a decent sized warehouse. Self storage is simple, convenient and cost effective.

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