The Leopard is the Smallest of the Big Cats

The Leopard, Panthera pardus , is the smallest member of the genus Panthera . This genus is known as the large cats despite the fact that there are cats of different genera of equivalent dimension to the Leopard.

Other giant cats are the tiger, the lion and the jaguar. Recently it’s been advised that the Snow Leopard must be incorporated within the genus. The Snow Leopard is an absolutely other species from the Leopard.


The Leopard is probably the most standard of the entire giant cats, being discovered in lots of portions of Africa in addition to the Indian subcontinent and East and South East Asia. Its geographic distribution was once even wider than this. The best space the place there are nonetheless affordable numbers of Leopards is Africa south of the Sahara barren region.

The Leopard is struggling in all its vary from habitat loss principally brought about by means of the expanding Human inhabitants. Historically is has been killed by means of hunters and looking, each criminal and unlawful, nonetheless takes a toll of Leopards, however habitat loss is the primary downside.

Overall, the Leopard is the least threatened of the entire giant cats.


Like maximum cats, the Leopard does now not shape massive teams. A mom and her cubs are in combination for one and a part to 2 years.


Male Leopards will struggle; almost certainly in protection of territory. These fights can lead to accidents that at last end up deadly.


Leopards will hunt and kill animals a number of occasions their very own weight. The higher animals Leopards consume come with Giant Elands which is able to develop to almost a ton in weight. Most of the prey species are smaller and come with a variety of species. Many kinds of Antelope are eaten. Leopards will hunt each at the flooring and in timber the place they catch monkeys. Apes aren’t a significant a part of their vitamin.

Although higher animals are most popular, Leopards additionally consume small rodents or even bugs. Leopards are extra adaptable of their selected of prey than some other Big Cat.

Man Eating

We aren’t a significant menu merchandise for many Leopards, however there have indisputably been instances of Leopards that experience eaten other folks. As with the opposite guy consuming giant cats, it’s incessantly a Leopard this is injured and now not in a position to catch its standard prey that turns to consuming us.


This is a phrase that has a number of meanings. It is from time to time used merely to imply a Leopard, however steadily it method any black Big Cat. Black Leopards and Black Jaguars are each referred to as Panthers.