The Education Enigma

Title: The Education Enigma

Author: Bruce Deitrick Price

Publisher: Word-Wise Publishing

ISBN: 1-4392-3035-8

ISBN-13: 978-1439230350

The Education Enigma is a e-book of essays touching on America’s schooling machine. The query Price poses is: What Happened to American Education? Price announces, “The simultaneous decline of American schooling and the language utilized by America’s educators is a historic reality.” Over the years I’ve finished a little research in this matter, particularly via modifying and proofreading of school papers. I discovered this e-book very fascinating and believe a lot of what Price states.

The major crux of Price’s essays handle the failure of our instructing the right way to in fact educate kids to learn. He explains the variation between instructing kids to learn the usage of entire phrase technique and phonics, favoring phonics. According to Price, “When we read about schooling right through the 20th century, we see a puzzling array of unproductive concepts. But no failure is as primal and harmful as the lack of American public faculties to show reading-the one crucial talent.”

Through his essays Price additionally touches at the topics of math, historical past, science and artwork. In addition, he supplies a historical past of the American schooling machine together with its downward flip relating to it because the “dumbing down” of America. From John Dewey to Maria Montessori to Rudolf Flesch to Gilbert Highet, Price explains their philosophies and the impacts in this nation’s schooling machine. He concludes, particularly in regard to Dewey and his fans, “Make no mistake, this used to be a secret conspiracy.”

Along with this Price argues a very good level that I at all times disagreed with: kids wish to memorize details and figures even though they may be able to glance the solutions up, whether or not in a e-book or on-line. I at all times believed that so long as kids had been taught the place and the way to glance up solutions there is not any want for state exams that motive tension for lots of of our youngsters from fourth grade up. His remark towards this sort of theorizing is: “But will they? No, other people normally clutter via with what they in fact know of their heads.” I do generally tend to believe this level even if I nonetheless really feel there’s an excessive amount of emphasis put on state exams.

The Education Enigma is stuffed with knowledge and historical past touching on the American schooling machine. Through one of the most titles of his essays it is simple to look that Price has a humorousness: Jay Leno: Educator of the Year; Phooey on John Dewey; and Educators are Best Understood as “Ignorance Engineers.”

It is vital to say that Price isn’t hurling those jabs touching on the ineffectiveness of the varsity machine on the academics within the trenches. It is geared toward the ones in regulate of constructing and implementing insufficient instructing methods. In Price’s phrases, “When I talk of “educators,” I by no means imply academics. I imply that small workforce of managers on the most sensible, with Ph.D.’s, who successfully regulate the general public faculties.”

A last quote from this e-book that I particularly preferred: “…Another well-known executive record, A Nation at Risk (1983) concluded that our public faculties appear to have been created through an enemy energy. Exactly. An enemy that would need Americans to learn feebly and depend inaccurately.”

About the writer: Bruce Deitrick Price is a novelist, painter, poet and schooling activist. He graduated from Norfolk Academy and Princeton (with Honors in English Literature). Throughout his occupation, Price used to be writing about schooling. Aside from the humanities, his major pastime is Price is a member of PEN and Mensa.

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