The Different Kinds of IT Computer Support

Information Technology continues to be a growing industry, despite the fact that the face of Information Technology is constantly changing. In place of the formal IT department, the growing trend is for companies to leverage providers who specialize in IT support.

IT support falls into several main categories: on-site computer maintenance, network administration, network hosting through cloud technology, or voice-over IP telephone systems.

On-site Computer Repair

Perhaps the first of the areas where IT computer support established itself as an industry, on-site computer repair is perhaps the most basic aspect of tech support. When looking for a computer hardware service, it is critical that each of their technicians have the proper hardware repair certifications and an appropriate level of knowledge to repair your computers in an efficient manner. These services may have a minimum call price or charge an hourly rate. Either way, you want to make sure you are using the best technician possible for the price.

Network Administration

Many companies now rely on Network support providers to meet all their networking needs. Instead of having to monitor the size of the team and guess requirements in order to properly support their network, by outsourcing the daily network support, it allows business management to focus on their core business instead of the information backbone. The pantheon of remote network utilities makes everything but on-site hardware fixes an easy remote repair.

Network Hosting through Cloud Computing

The next step in ensuring proper IT support is the growth of off-site computing centers. Considered the next big change in the Information Technology landscape, Cloud Computing allows both the hardware and software portions of the network administration to happen remotely. High-speed connections, cheap data storage and the ability to flex the size and capabilities of the available computing system virtually real-time are just a few of the advantages to Cloud Computing.


This telephone technology is becoming the standard in businesses today, as well as in the residential market. This takes telephone installation and repair out of the hands of the old-school lineman and into the hands of IT professional.

Whether it is in a business or a home, there are needs for IT computer support that vendors are waiting to service.

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