Technology Cannot Defeat International Terrorism? WTF

Some other people consider that the United States of America can not win the struggle on Terrorism it doesn’t matter what technological advances we’ve got. These other people consider that our Laser protection protect and airborne laser guns are not anything and won’t assist us beat the enemy murderers who goal blameless civilians. One gentleman the usage of the display screen identify of Buddha got here to our on-line assume tank to let us know this and he mentioned;

“Technology is only a instrument to assist him… and the protection protect you speak about is a unnecessary piece of republican propaganda used to check out and scare the Chinese… we could now not put out of your mind that propaganda is any other instrument of struggle.”

Propaganda is a device of struggle and sadly it has gotten the most efficient of your grasshopper. Do now not consider what Al Jazeera or the BBC says about what the United States is ready. The United States is the largest gifter to the deficient of the arena and probably the most philanthropic country on the earth with private people who have given extra to the average excellent than maximum all different countries. I’d counsel that you simply find out about up on that and additional extra counsel that you simply by no means put out of your mind probably the most sayings we’ve got within the United States of America;

“Do now not mistake our acts of kindness for an indication of weak spot”

and I can upload to that;

“Because not anything in this faded blue dot, may well be farther from the reality”

The United States of America, is probably not threatened via the arena of International Terrorism and we don’t seem to be a country of weak spot, we’re a country of people who possess energy of the thoughts, will and internal energy and in combination we will be able to be victorious at the struggle on terror. We will pre-emptively move after any and all country states supporting world terrorism and can by no means backtrack. Tell your world terrorist pals; You have no idea who f*cking with. Don’t play video games.

And so far as China, neatly they’re a excellent 20-years in the back of us in era and so they can not even thieve it as rapid as we’re developing it. They best have 2,600 spies in the United States now (sure we all know who they’re) and we’ve got some 1 million researchers; 250,000 of which might be connected in with the Department of Defense. Check details prior to you blow smog in this web site Budda (fatso). And people that’s what I call to mind that, so if you recognize any world terrorists available in the market ship them a excellent bye kiss for me, as their days are numbered certainly. Consider this in 2006.