What Is Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s Secret of Maintaining Their Marriage?

On November 20th, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip amassed with their royal circle of relatives to mark their 70th wedding ceremony anniversary. They are the primary couple of the British royal circle of relatives to rejoice 70 years of marriage. In 1934, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip met on the wedding ceremony of Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark and Prince George It was once in a 3rd assembly in July 1937 that 13-year-old Elizabeth fell in love with Philip and from then on, they started their romance by way of exchanging letters. In 1946, they had been engaged and it was once on November 20th, 1947 that they get married at Westminster Abbey and started their candy marriage. Since the massive day in 1947, that they had spent 70 years with each and every different. Most other folks might surprise why they are able to take care of their […]

Free Region 0 Hack – Philips DVP 642 DVD Player

Perhaps you are a foreign language student or teacher. Maybe you are getting in touch with your roots and you wish to watch DVD titles in the language of your grandparents. Or possibly you just like watching movies from other countries. You purchase a movie, put it into your DVD player, and receive a ‘Wrong Region’ error. What do you do? The popular Philips DVP642 DVD player can easily be made region-free (or ‘regionless’) with just a few clicks of the remote control. This stylish silver-grey unit is available at your local Wal-Mart and many other electronics outlets. In Canada, it can be found for under $60. Sometimes it is sold region-free right out of the box (although the packaging will state that is for a specific region only). This Phillips product fits easily into a small space. It is approximately 10 inches deep by 17 inches wide and less […]