American Idol – Self Improvement Brought to Life By Jordin Sparks

So, another season of American Idol comes to an end with the crowning of Jordin Sparks as American Idol 2007. On the night, she was a deserving winner, as well as being a beautiful person and a wonderful singer. Only the most cynical and spiteful of observers can argue that American Idol does not produce some great singers, it does; or that Jordin is not one of them, she is. We know already that the top three, as last year, will probably be superstars. So we can look forward to great things and big album sales from Melinda Doolittle and Blake Lewis, as well as Jordin. Apart from loving music of many types, one of the reasons I enjoy American Idol is the way, when it gets down to the final 16 and the serious singing contest, you can watch as young talented people develop before your eyes. The whole […]

Sweeney Todd 2007 Review

Since I usually don't watch musicals, I have mixed feelings about Sweeney Todd. I have seen Johnny Depp in a previous musical he did in the John Waters directed 1990 comedy / musical, Cry-Baby. I did enjoy that film and I have always enjoyed Johnny Depp's body of work. He is a very charismatic and talented actor. Johnny Depp along with Helena Bonham Carter, Pirelli (Sacha Baron Cohen), Beadle (Timothy Spall), Anthony (Jamie Campbell Bower), Alan Rickman, Jayne Wisener, and Ed Sanders as Toby all do a great job singing the various songs in Sweeney Todd 2007 version. Johnny Depp is a very good singer and does have actual musical talent since he has had his own rock band in real life and performed with various rock bands such as Aerosmith. Some of the songs do get a bit tiresome such as "My Friends", where Depp is singing to his […]