Critique Of Jeremy Rifkin’s Book: "The Hydrogen Economy"

We criticize Rifkin early on for showing a startling loss of particle physics common sense; he peculiarly describes the solar’s power and warmth’s future: “Some of this power is captured by means of residing issues and transformed into paperwork helpful to maintain existence, whilst the remaining finally ends up as warmth and is radiated again into house.” Not abruptly, he simply displays custom’s acceptance of intangible science; this is: forget about the ones issues now not readily contradicting the workability in carried out science. Truly, Ultimate Particle common sense will dispute Rifkin’s posit and outline the Universe product as debris transformed to warmth power thru velocity and depth. Rejecting the above quote from Rifkin’s going through web page, a principle at the recyclable nature of power requiring simplest the essence of velocity because it pertains to frequency. In this theoretical compost, warmth power is incessantly transformed and can’t simplest radiate […]

Critique Of Ira M Freeman’s Book: All About The Atom

Ira M. Freeman assists figuring out (as a minimum, stirs interest) concerning the intelligence created in one molecule and explains the atoms’ propensity to selectively sign up for or bond into mutually advisable substrates. The writer relates a maximum elementary strive to give an explanation for the Atom and its debris to people who may know least concerning the very get started of lifestyles and recognizable phenomena. For the ones needing a very easy advent into the substance and workability of atoms and concerning the intelligence created in one molecule, that is the e-book for the curious, for each old and young, and for the ones with abiding pastime in physics or metaphysics. Without the atom, even faith may now not exist. As we stretch speculation, so may atom intelligence stretch creativeness to its utmost; within the grab of hypothesis, we believe the opportunity of intelligence for anything else having […]

Critique Of Josh McDowell’s Book: "More Than A Carpenter"

McDowell exposits a reputable apologetic and existentialist unravel, however his early years as an full of life skeptic and iconoclast. In expository liberate: after early life disillusionment and early-college anti-religion radicalisms, he suffered elegiac emotions for his misconduct and increased his antithetical philosophy to the next airplane. His faith apologetic is designed to reassure Messianic verity and to determine fidelity within the redirecting of recent waywardness into useful dwelling. He questions our prowess in evaluating medical evidence with legal-historical verification: science being in accordance with repeatable demonstrations proving the similar conclusion and his view of much less substantive metaphysics being in accordance with legal-historical immutability. McDowell proposes the proposition: What Makes Jesus So Different to Mohammedan, Buddhist, and Confucian persona? Jesus was once divine consistent with his confirmation in John 5:16-18, ‘My Father works right here, and I paintings.’ (regarding therapeutic of the lame) He equates himself with God when […]

Critique of Kenneth Amdahl’s There Are No Atoms

Contemporaries reward Amdahl’s effort to cut back electrical energy to its most straightforward dimensions and allegorical representation. His friends be offering the best advice: “We all really feel reasonably dumb relating to electronics… a correct tonic for this lack of awareness… is a big step forward in instructing the basic physics of electrical energy… will have to be required elementary studying for highschool science scholars…even a blockhead like me, who may just by no means visualize the summary, was once ready to penetrate the nebulous mists of amps, volts, present, induction, and conductors, and if truth be told perceive what the hell they are all about. But above and past the sensible, Amdahl, with a paranormal power all his personal, has created a fantastic ebook about a phenomenal and robust thriller. Actually, this ebook is set electrical energy and the whole lot else, too. Amdahl introduces fact with an admmonishion […]

Critique Of Nigel Calder’s Book: Einstein’s Universe

When the query arose as how easiest to have a good time Einstein’s centenary, Calder responded: ‘Let’s make relativity simple.’ Forthwith, the distinguished creator additional answered by way of scripting this very entertaining e book — requiring the direct session of a few seventy physicists and astronomers in thirty establishments on each side of the Atlantic. Calder credit Albert Einstein as person who revolutionized ideas of area, time and movement, and who rewrote the speculation of gravity: Calder additionally notes the landmarks of Einstein’s paintings to be Special Relativity (1905), coping with high-speed movement, and General Relativity (1915), coping with gravity. Subsequent investigation has proven we in fact are living in a universe very just like the only Einstein described, and investigators have showed and advanced lots of the concepts latent in his equations. Thus, Calder embarks on a adventure throughout the thoughts, concept, and written proof of person who […]

Keshavnanda Barti Case: A Critique

Shankari Prasad Case:- In Shankari Prasad v Union of India, the Supreme Court upheld the validity of the First modification and held that the Fundamental Rights may also be amended. The Court didn’t believe the arguments of the petitioner and limited the scope of Article and held that there’s distinction between the Constituent energy and the odd legislative energy of the Parliament. Article 13 is appropriate to the regulations made through the Parliament in its odd workout of energy, now not at the Constitutional modification handed in workout of the Constituent energy of the Parliament. The courtroom additionally held that the Article 368 and Article 13 are in war with every different and thus the primary of harmonious building must be carried out. The courtroom thus disagreed with the view that the Fundamental Rights are inviolable and can’t be amended. By making use of the process as laid down in […]

Critique Of Richard P Brennan's Book: "Heisenberg Probably Slept Here"

In this science-physics anthology, Richard P. Brennan chronicles the lives, times, and ideas of twentieth century's Great Physicists. In preface, he commends extraordinary principals who made great contribution to Quantum Mechanics' principles: advanced reasoning from the likes of Newton, Einstein, Planck, Rutherford, Bohr, Heisenberg and Feynman. Each of these great minds contributed major theory and breakthroughs to enhance the physics world-view; their thinking projects a continuing study into the very essence of matter. Setting the stage and basis for Classical Physics, Brennan quotes the great physicist Isaac Newton (1676), who refers to even more ancient theorists, even back to the time of biblical Daniel and Greek Democritus. Newton said: " If I have seen further than other men, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants ." Indeed, more giants were on the way; they would develop a division of effort between Classical Physics and Quantum Mechanics. In […]

Critique of Timothy J Dailey's The Gathering Storm

At home in his topic's habitat, History-Geography Professor and author Dailey makes his home in Bethlehem, Israel; he attempts to correlate modern expectations with his perception of first century fulfillment! Thus, he commends Revelation's great Armageddon to a 'future world end.' Dr. Dailey recounts his experience as a West Bank Christian living amidst Jewish and Islamic neighbors and mightily stretches to write an apologetic for Islam devotees. At the same time, he illuminates Islam's quest for world evangelism. Additionally, walking a tightrope between prophecy praise and condemnation, the Doctor's precarious course tilts toward desire as he attempts to balance biblically exampled 'propositional truths' with futurist 'end time' projections; from which extractions he evinces traditional applause but without syllogistic credence. In preface, Dailey confirms his academic prejudice early on; where, he conforms his own supernatural leanings to traditional renderings but bereft symbols and numbers recourse; thus, he applies a narrow viewpoint […]

Critique Of Stephen Hawking's Book The Grand Design

We submit a review of Stephen Hawking and co-author Leonard Mlodinow's latest book, The Grand Design . The authors cite both physics and metaphysics viewpoint. Yet, physics excellence does not guarantee metaphysics expertise. Only syllogistic reasoning from the only true source can decide the rightness or wrongness in monotheism disciplines. In attempting to critique The Grand Design , this author must confess to more than just a casual interest in 'the nature of things.' In my own small intellect, in the history from now, resides a reasonable assumption of beginning to matter: whatever its dimensions and product of force. Outside of reasoned debate arises the scientists' claim of 'something from nothing.' They state: " … the laws of gravity and quantum theory allow universes to appear spontaneously from nothing … that our known universe is only one among uncounted billions of universes ." Here, Hawking and Mlodinow opine Universe beginnings […]