List of Female Comedians

Males are not the only ones who have the talent to make people laugh. There are a lot of females who also have a knack for comedy. Here is a list of some of the famous female comedians: WHOOPI GOLDBERG Whoopi Golderg was born on November 13, 1955 and is not only a comedian but is a versatile female celebrity. Whoopi Goldberg is also known as an author, a game show host, a television personality, a radio host, and an American actress. Among the awards that this female comedian has received are a Daytime Emmy Award, a Tony Award, an Oscar Award, a Grammy Award, and an Emmy Award. Whoopi Goldberg also received an Academy Award and is considered as the second female African-American to have received such an award. ROSEANNE BARR Roseanne Barr is also considered as one of the best female comedians. Born on November 3, 1952 and […]