The IQ of a Bumble Bee: The Bee Crisis!

Many of you’re going to bear in mind that for the previous a number of years there was an expanding consciousness and concern that the bee inhabitants all over the area is loss of life out. Although bees are steadily stored in hives and tended by way of bee keepers their skill to unravel the issue is restricted as a result of their numbers are restricted. Bees pollinate all our crops and it’s been recommended that their contribution to Europe’s meals chain is value about 14.2 billion Euros – and their contribution is loose. In the final 70 years three species of bee have died out in the United Kingdom by myself, and over 70% of the flower-rich meadows crucial to the bees’ survival had been burnt up. Out of the 19 species of British Bee three had been extirpated, eight are in severe decline and most effective 6 species […]

How Temperatures Affect Honey and Beeswax, Also How to Handle Bee Stings

Bee protecting is a most well-liked pastime or perhaps a career lately because of the more than a few advantages and income it provides. Bees produce beeswax within the type of small scales. These scales are shaped beneath the stomach of the bee. By gorging themselves with sugar syrup or honey, bees stimulate beeswax manufacturing. In order to lift cluster temperature, bees huddle in combination. It is important for bees to devour a minimum of ten kilos of honey to supply one pound of wax. However, bees are discovered to supply extra wax in the event that they feed on sugar. Beeswax, when cooled briefly after passing via warmth turns into brittle and light in colour. Rapid contraction additionally leads to building of cracks. This is likely one of the major the reason why wax must be cooled in a gentle means to make sure preservation of color and texture. […]

Bee Pollen and Lyme Disease: The Healing Match

Are you affected by Lyme illness? If you’ve gotten ever questioned what Lyme illness is and the way you’ll be able to deal with it then concentrate carefully. Bee pollen and Lyme illness do cross in combination even if they do not come in combination, as a result of individuals are the use of pollen to assist them conquer their signs and are living a relatively commonplace lifestyles. Lyme illness will also be fatal when now not handled successfully and people who have long run bouts have skilled higher effects when the use of pollen to regard it. What is Lyme Disease? To higher perceive why pollen is valuable in treating other people with this illness, you have to perceive the place this illness comes from and what it does to the human frame. Lyme illness is transferred by way of a tick chew, and the illness is a bacterial […]

Can Bee Propolis Help in H Pylori Treatment?

A number of natural products have been shown to have activity against H pylori bacteria. One such product is bee propolis. Researchers have demonstrated that bee propolis has some antibacterial effects and a small handful of scientific papers have examined whether bee propolis can be used to treat H pylori either alongside or in place of conventional triple therapy. In one study, Platsko and colleagues demonstrated that when 30-40mg of bee propolis was taken three times daily alongside standard triple therapy, H pylori eradication rates and ulcer healing improved compared to patients who used standard triple therapy alone. This particular study can be found in the 2002 edition of the medical journal Helicobacter). In another scientific paper, Boyanova et al investigated the effect of 30% ethanolic extract of bee propolis against ninety-four different strains of Helicobacter pylori. The scientists found that propolis showed strong antibacterial activity against H pylori in […]

Manage a Bee or Wasp Sting

The sting of a bee is generally more virulent than that of a wasp, and some people may suffer some form of side effects. But normally the stings provoke a localized reaction, with redness and swelling surrounding the sting area. Some of the reactions to a bee sting can be very painful when the swelling increases to the whole limb, causing problems with movement. Depending on if the victim is allergic to bee venom. The sting of a bee is barbed at the end, and is consequently always left in the wound. Your experience with the wasp is different in that the sting bit, is pointed only, so that the latter insect can sting more than once, which a bee cannot do. When stung by a bee, as soon as possible get the sting part pulled out for the longer it remains in the wound, the deeper it will pierce, […]

Queen Bee Syndrome!

Fess up! Tell the reality!!! You’re a Queen Bee!!! Okay.. perhaps now not all the time.. however one of the crucial instances! Think about the place you DOMINATE. Where do you rule the roost? Where are you maximum assured? Where can any person NOT shuttle you up!!!??? What? You’re a person? Okay.. you’ll be able to name your self A BULL for all I care.. however you might be nonetheless a QUEEN BEE!!! I feel it is lovely.. however it is usually essential to grasp WHO is the QUEEN BEE WHERE!!! I recall to mind myself as a Queen Bee! Many puts I am going, I have a tendency to be spotted. I gravitate in opposition to the individuals who organize or run the display. I can meet them if I would like or want to. I’m now not at all times pressured to, however I do like realizing WHO […]

Arthritis Pain – Dysplasia and Bee Venom Therapy in Animals

Labs are loving, people oriented dogs. They are happiest when they are with their owners. Labs tend to be quite patient with children making them wonderful family dogs. They require attention and love as much as food and water. Labradors require plenty of exercise – this is especially true since most Labs love to eat! However, health problems may arise as the puppy ages into an elder dog. One particular issue among this breed is hip dysplasia. My precious black lab of fourteen years had hip dysplasia which included the following symptoms: ran with a 'bunny hopping' gait, demonstrated stiffness and pain in the rear legs after exercise or first thing in the morning, had difficulty climbing stairs and became less willing to engage in normal daily activities. Eventually the disease made it very difficult for her to arise from a sleeping or sitting position. Owners attribute these changes to […]