Android Tablets Compete With the iPad

Apple's iPad has unleashed a stampede of tablets. Everyone is getting into the act, from laptop makers to phone carriers, and most of them will run their tablets on Android. Laptop Manufacturers Jumping In Dell's 5-inch Streak received a luke-warm reception -it's too small, too expensive and runs a very old version of Android -but there is a 7-inch Android tablet in the works. On the other hand, the Windows 7-based Dell Inspiron Duo convertible notebook with a rotating 10-inch screen draws wide eyes. While HP develops a Windows 7-based tablet called the Slate, the Palm acquisition appears on the radar, and now rumor has it we'll see a webOS tablet with an App Store in 2011. Samsung comes on strong with a 7-inch tablet called the Galaxy Tab and will supposedly be available soon. Laptop manufacturers, including Lenovo (LePad), Acer, Asus (Eee Pad), Toshiba (yes, maker of Toshiba HDTVs) […]

The Sony VAIO TT – Sony’s Answer to the Mini Laptop Boom?

Sony is yet to grace the market with a VAIO mini laptop, in fact Sony has been openly reluctant to produce and sell a netbook. Sony executives have said that the cheap notebook concept doesn’t align with Sony’s “premium” corporate image. That said, I’ve seen Sony make some pretty rubbish electrics before, my TV for example, so this could be taken two ways: snobbery or a joke. But in recent years, Sony have come out with some very genuine very up-market products that support this claim. Sony’s Bravia TV range is a market leader, they’ve continued the ‘Walkman’ legacy against the might of the Apple iPod and iTunes and in gaming, it’s extended its PlayStation brand, replacing the best-seller PS2 with the PS3 with a staggering £425 RRP against Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. It’s VAIO laptop line is also very good. But have they left the netbook market […]