SEO News: Google to Offer Pay-Per-View Movie Service – Will It Stand Up to Its Competitors?

Later this 12 months, Google would possibly get started offering pay-per-view motion pictures by the use of online video internet web page YouTube. This will include new releases, possibly introduced at $ 5 consistent with film. YouTube already supplies some older titles for a rental value of .99 to $ 4, on the other hand their catalog is specific. Google is just lately talking with quite a lot of movie studios, paying homage to Lions Gate, Sony, MGM, and Warner Bros. about in conjunction with their titles inside the YouTube catalog. New titles will possibly be introduced the an identical day they are introduced on DVD.

It's moreover speculated that this supplier may well be integrated with upcoming Google TV. According to Google Senior Product Manager Rishi Chandra, the purpose of Google TV is, "to ship the entire Web to the television set … to take the best of what TV supplies in this day and age and the best of what the Web supplies and blend them . "

Google TV will give television the navigation options of the web. This will benefit target audience and advertisers alike. Viewers can navigate TV to additional merely to search out the ways and channels they want to watch. And advertisers can include links in their ads to take viewer to the company's internet web page, which will allow for more effective internet promoting.

Both the pay-per-view supplier and Google TV are purported to liberate around the an identical time. They can be integrated in the easiest way that those with the Google TV supplier can watch pay-per-view motion pictures on YouTube during their televisions. This will provide a additional relaxed viewing revel in than sitting at a computer desk or looking at a film on a small laptop show.

With the decline of video stores like Blockbuster, streaming motion pictures over the Internet is where the future of video rental lies. After all, you don't have to depart your house to get the movies, there don’t seem to be any late fees, and likewise you don't have to worry about getting a DVD that is scratched and received't play or skips time and again. Netflix, iTunes, and Hulu already offer such services and products and merchandise. Will Google offer a worthy competitor? Or will this supplier flop like such a large amount of of Google's other recent endeavors, paying homage to Google Buzz or Google Wave?

Google is counting at the acclaim for YouTube to make their pay-per-view supplier a success. Currently, YouTube is one of the most popular web pages on the web, with kind of 100 million visitors each month, and a very good Alexa rating of 3 world. This high guests internet web page already has a huge target market that may be aware of this new supplier when it launches.

However, it is possible that part of the popularity of YouTube is the ability to have a look at various fast motion pictures for free. Many other folks consult with YouTube to see the latest viral video, watch that funny commercial they take care of being attentive to about (Old Spice Guy?), Or watch tune motion pictures from their favorite artist when the have relatively little little bit of time to kill. Will the YouTube target market be involved in consult with the internet web page to pay to have a look at full-length motion pictures? Or is the plethora of particular person generated content material subject matter and fast motion pictures the principle draw?

Another factor that can bathroom down success is that Google is also a bit of bit previous because of the birthday party. Netflix has already implemented an fast viewing supplier that allows people to have a look at motion pictures immediately over the Internet and on-line sport consoles identical to the Nintendo Wii. Other services and products and merchandise like Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon Video on Demand are also gaining popularity as web pages for viewing motion pictures and TV shows. Will the already huge YouTube target market be enough to propel Google's pay-per-view supplier over its festival? What will Google offer that its festival received't?

It's evident that Google is trying very hard to stay on easiest of the hunt engine and Internet realm. The Web huge already has plans for a social group that is said to possibly rival Facebook, which will finally end up to be a daunting process. However, Google is ready to take on the drawback of starting its private online social networking internet web page, and has already were given corporations hooked in to social media services and products and merchandise. Only the long term will tell if Google will stay on easiest, or in spite of everything cave in.

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