Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 17

The earlier article concluded with 4 elementary classes: [A] River of Life, [B] Bodily Vitality, [C] Bitterness, [D] Statues.

In my view, the following level past that is to believe the query of mirth, a lot as it’s presented within the novel Paradise Lost. Mirth is used as a logo for poetic intelligence that guides the traveler thru hell. There have already been implications that ‘physically well being’, ‘intelligence’, certainly, even the best technique, may perhaps contain demons, what had been known as through some traditions, the ‘geniuses’, ‘geniis’, or ‘epiphanies’, and so forth. By suggesting the demonic I don’t imply worshiping evil, or creating a psychological well being dysfunction. Instead, I imply the overall task of optimum intelligence.

This recommendation got here to me once I noticed a mirrored image of my existence inside of the ones 4 classes. I noticed in them each my enjoy with video games—an synthetic replicate, just like the reflecting floor of a river, the ‘zen’ bitterness of the violent ‘tunnel imaginative and prescient’ of actions within the online game, the ‘statues’ of knowledge bites plugged into the sport right through design to make it paintings. And what each critical gamer recalls, physically power, re-discovered after hours absorbed in play. I additionally remembered my studies in skipping stones in actual existence, and performed with the concept video video games have been only a minimalist workout in skipping stones.

The whole scene of catharsis whilst bathing in a river appeared to be a mirrored image of a online game I performed through which I bathed in a river (the sport evoked geniis, statues, and a wholesome body). Typical of its age, it had parts of bitterness (faux drug conduct, insulting characters) which have been intended to imply one thing necessary to the sport participant. The two pictures, of the artificially actual data and the artificially mutile epiphanies commonplace to skipping a stone, supply a context for the next research.

Let’s evaluate the types to seek out correspondences. This is a natural permutation, together with double-pairs. It calls for some stage of interpretation. Each of those is a separate class, associated with the plight of the mortal existence, and the figmentary imaginative and prescient of perceiving the immortal types of wisdom; When I point out blood you will have to now not think that individuals bleed, or that blood is spilled. Instead, you will have to stay a watch in opposition to the overall classes, akin to girl/guy and human/robotic which outline the kinds of techniques one might turn into immortal. That is the context. Now the types:

[A] The River of Rivers, [B] Blood, [C] Crying, [D] River Flowing Around Stones,

[E] Tears or Blood, [F] Living or Dead, [G] The Body of Bitterness, [H] A Body Like a Statue,

[I] Tears That Run Away, [J] Sanity, [K] Love, [L] Testaments of Time,

[M] Throwing Stones in a River, [N] Petrification, [O] A Living Statue, [P] The Statue of All Statues

Now the replicate. This follows at once from the abversion of every of the previous classes, now indexed in opposite:

[1] A River Like a Statue, [2] The mortal frame, [3] Vivification, [4] Arrows shot from a tree,

[5] Fleeting reminiscences, [6] Hatred, [7] Madness, [8] Endless Sadness,

[9] Weakness of Spirit, [10] Sudden Exhileration, [11] Not Dead Or Living, [12] Watching Others Pass,

[13] Watching the Fire Go Out, [14] Sober, [15] Uncanniness, [16] The Death of Death

Clearly those two depictions display two tales of the similar fort, the similar regulation, the similar modality inside the artwork of immortality, however moving into two instructions. The strophe and antistrophe is ambiguous, as a result of apparently the arrow of time simplest is going one way—-not each. But the 2 units in reality constitute two worlds—the 2d is extra unnatural, the primary, whilst tough (let’s now not say unimaginable, metaphorically), in reality represents the herbal transgression of the similar a hit growth.

Now I can evaluate opposites inside the two units the usage of a specific manner, to create a rational correspondence. Each set is composed of 4 units of 4, so we will be able to say the correspondence is as follows:

[A-11], [B-12], [C-9], [D-10]

[E-15], [F-16], [G-13], [H-14]

[I-3], [J-4], [K-1], [L-2]

[M-7], [N-8], [O-5], [P-6]

It seems like a riddle:

[1] The river of rivers, now not lifeless or dwelling

[2] Wine

[3] Tragedy

[4] Sleeping & Wakening

[5] Uncanny girls

[6] Death, both dwelling or lifeless

[7] Protest the offense

[8] One has a frame like a sober statue

[9] Fertility

[10] Miraculous humble sanity

[11] Lawless love

[12] Most dwelling age

[13] Mad reckoning

[14] Stoicism

[15] Permanence

[16] Portents!

Perhaps now not as obviously built as earlier strategies, it nevertheless supplies a type of pagan pantheon of obsessions which an immortal may perhaps have.

If it’s interpreted for a diabolical persona, it can be discovered that what is gifted continues to be damaging house.

[1] Architecture, [2] Moderation, [3] Success, [4] Lucidity

[5] Agency, [6] Resurrection, [7] Glory, [8] Realism

[9] Life-force, [10] Brain-power, [11] Discretion, [12] Patience

[13] Forgiveness, [14] Strength, [15] Wisdom, [16] Agea

—might be a greater translation.

I outline agea (most likely from Grk. for Aegean Sea, as a connection with ambergris), because the enjoy of time through an immortal. That corresponds at once to the sooner lists. In a way this ultimate record supplies a key to fixing the character of the statue within the river.

Note is probably made from the robust numerological price of the selected expressions. For instance, with out Agea, we get 15, the collection of the satan. The identical happens with none probably the most different portions. But lacking two portions yields poetry, lacking 3 portions yields ‘dying’, and so forth. Interesting.

Surely that could be a herbal manner, and it might be that I’ve neglected one thing about mirth and diabolical qualities which I might observe thru on later.

That concludes the Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 17.

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