Samsung B200 Phone With Mobile Tracker

In case one has forgotten the first ever bought mobile phone then they can have a look at this Samsung B 200 which is n entry level mobile phone with a nostalgic touch. It is a simple and uncomplicated phone and gives its user an ultimate experience of the golden past.

Samsung B200 is as light as 76g by weight and is best for those who want to handle technology but at the ease of the customer. It's actually for those which fear complications in life and believe in easy going simple life only. The mobile's dimensions include 104.0×44.0x16.0mm in size.

It's a great gift to the Grandmother who wants to stay connected and talk for hours without getting tired but with least possible complications.

Put yourself at ease and relax with your own self after the day's work simply by listening to the stereo FM Radio. This phone never gives a chance to miss out on your favorite radio shows. Whatever your mood wants to listen to is present at the FM Radio at no extra cost. Morning news will be different from mid day news and nights are to relax with the golden oldies. Sneak into the latest melodies and talk shows with your favorite Radio Jockeys.

Don't worry about losing the handset anywhere. Its mobile tracker facility enables the user to lose it and gain it as if it is a game of hide and seek that is being played up on.
Ring tones and wallpapers are pre-loaded to enable setting of the mobile phone according to the individual's choice. Indulge your pastime into the preloaded games which are fascinating and complementing to the choice of customers.

This silver and black model has a talk time of 5 hrs and a standby of 400hrs. As per the memory part it is not an expandable memory.

Users of Samsung B200 have the facility of calendar, scheduler, clock, world time, to do list, alarm, currency converter, and calculator to maintain your handset in the form of personal diary. Get this phone at a click of a button at themobilestore and have the option of getting at lowest possible price.

Article Source Link by Fuizy Martin