Romance on Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the Stars is a show that has the ability to be the start of a budding romance. It is true that the show has been the starting ground for a few relationships. But do you really think that the relationships happened because of the show? I mean would the couples that were created on Dancing with the Stars not have gotten together if they had met elsewhere?

It is truly impossible to say for sure that the couples only got together because they were on the show together. No one, not even the people themselves can answer without a shadow of doubt that they would not have gotten together had it not been for the show. It is true, some of the couples would probably never have met if it were not for the show?

Dancing with the Stars has produced three confirmed off stage romances; Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas (season 5), Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff (season 3), and Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough (season 6). Each of these couples began on the dance floor and at least one of them, Mario and Karina has grown. The couple moved in together and is reportedly doing well.

Why is Dancing with the Stars such a natural breeding ground for a romance? That is a good question but one that is very easy to answer. These couples are working on a deadline to achieve on common goal. These couples are working very hard and long hours. But working for what? They are working to show that they are the best couple on the dance floor. By nature, an athlete has the need to win.

The need to win may be an advantage over someone that is just on the show to have fun. The strong desire to win at something has been a very empowering force on many of occasions. Why should Dancing with the Stars be any different? What better way to start a romantic relationship than to be working towards the same goal? In this case the goal, to win at all cost.

When you take a look at relationships and what makes a winning dance team, they are not that different. Therefore, it is within reason that these couples would become couples off of the dance floor just as well as on it.

In order to be a winning dance team you must trust your partner totally. Likewise in a relationship, you must also trust your partner. Without trust, you are no where on either endeavor. After all, how can you let your dance partner throw you or to be thrown by you if you do not trust them?

One thing that seems to be indifference between the couples is age. It does not seem to matter that is what age. The couples have found each other through hard work and trying to win the competition.

Does it really seem like an unlikely place to kindle the romantic fires? Yes, it is true that Dancing with the Stars is like a work place situation. But how many work place relationships do you know of? They are not as uncommon as you might think.It is also true that each celebrity and each professional dancer have a specific roll in the competition. The celebrity is there to learn to be the best dancer they can be while the professional dancers are there to teach the celebrities how to accomplish the specific dances as flawlessly as they possibly can. So why not think that it would be possible to take the utter trust required between dance teacher and pupil to the next level of boyfriend and girlfriend.

In conclusion, Dancing with the Stars is a natural breeding ground for romance. The level of trust needed in a partner on the show is equivalent to that of a relationship. Through the constant working on the contestants to become the best in any given season of Dancing with the Stars, it is only natural that romance could grow as well.

Article Source Link by Kathy S.