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The much-awaited ‘magnum opus’ of India’s mythical actor, Kamal Hassan, the film “Dasavatharam’ in the end were given launched in theatres in all places the sector. The much-hyped movie, which used to be made at an all-time prime funds, were not on time for unencumber of as a result of plenty of nuisance petitions towards it is unencumber. Finally all hurdles had been launched and the Kamal Starrer were given launched at the 13th of this month.

The script and dialogues for the movie had been written through Kamal Hassan himself, with Okay.S.Ravikumar donning the mantle of the ‘director’ of the movie. Kamal Hassan performs ten other roles within the movie together with the position of the USA President George Bush. The tale line of the movie could be very skinny and all the movie banks on prime technical and manufacturing values. Renowned makeup artists, particular results professionals and others imported from Hollywood have contributed to the technical excellence of the movie in addition to inflating the funds greatly.

The movie opens within the 12th century ,depicting grandiose scenes of big tussles between the Vaishnavites and the Siva-devotees. The scene temporarily shifts to a state-of-the-art biotechnology lab in the USA the place George Bush(performed through Kamal) allocates large price range for biotechnical analysis for waging a organic battle towards global terrorism). The Indian scientist hooked up to the lab, develops a brand new pressure of virus this is deadly if launched. It will also be destroyed simplest through large amounts of Sodium Chloride. The virus is ready to be traded to a global cartel , prior to our hero intervenes and inadvertently dispatches the vial to India. The tale board shifts to India, giving a possibility to Kamal to introduce the rest roles( Balram Naidu the CBI officer, Khaifullah Khan, the tall muslim, Avtar Singh the well-known singer, Krishnaveni the previous girl, Vincent Poovaragan the dalit chief,the Japanese warrior and naturally the 12th Century Vishnavite Rangarajan Nambi). The villain of the piece, Fletcher the American mercenary chased the vial all of the manner all the way down to Chidambaram India. The movie ends after automobile chases, acrobatic fights, a sport of the 2004 December Tsunami.

The movie leaves the viewer completely unimpressed. It seems like a third-rate B-grade film without a finesse or knowledgeable contact. The technical excellence, the large effort through Kamal Hassan and the excruciating makeup switches, all aside, the movie has in point of fact not anything to provide. The tale line is a crude combine between the Harrison Ford Indian Jones and the Robin Cook clinical thrillers. Kamal Hassan impresses maximum within the roles of the Villain Fletcher and the CBI supremo Naidu. Effortless performing. But this is about all concerning the creative values of the movie.

Conclusion: A colossal waste!

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