Regimental Stein Types and Military Toasts

German Regimental Steins began at the conclusion of the Franco-Prussian conflict of 1870-1871. Constitutional legislation required necessary military provider to all German men between the ages of 17 to 45 apart from for best participants of ruling houses, criminals and those deprived of their civil rights.

The German Military used to be as soon as divided into six land primarily based completely groups that have been of the following:



Technical Troops


Military Supply

Engineer or Pioneer

Air Force (started at the end of the century)

During this time, military provider used to be as soon as necessary and it used to be as soon as considered a in point of fact highest honor to defend your country. The completion of a military man’s provider to the place of origin used to be as soon as a milestone to be honored.

At the completion of his full of life duty and to start his reserve provider to his country, the soldier each purchased or used to be as soon as presented with a commemorative stein. These steins had been considered a badge of honor in the course of the boys who had served inside the German military.

Each stein used to be as soon as custom designed made and decorated with knowledge in the case of the unit that the military man had served with. The pewter lids had been each cone or dome shaped with ornamental designs and the tops had been crowned with collectible collectible figurines or symbols of the unit staff.

Names of fellow men inside the unit had been displayed in columns on all sides of the handles. The unit establish, in conjunction with a picture depicting the unit he served in used to be as soon as on the front of the stein. Various other phrases and lettering may well be performed representing his unit. Many of the ones steins had been moreover decorated with a eating toast or phrase that used to be as soon as popular with the lads of the unit. Translated in recent years, the ones phrases however make excellent toasts.

At the local beer hall all others would possibly simply see that he had served his hometown with honor and helped to make sure the security of his folks. This alone, used to be as soon as an excellent reasons why to turn the stein and to toast the honor of all those who had served Germany.

Regimental steins are however made in recent years, alternatively in reproduction diversifications. Authentic Regimental steins are however in recent years a really sought after products via many avid beer stein collectors.

The following are some commonplace military toasts found out on some Regimental steins:


German – Kanonendonner is unser Gruss!

English – Cannon thunder is our greeting!


German – Brueder stosst die Glaeser an, hoch lebe der Reservemann!

English – Brothers ship those glasses on, extraordinarily live the Reserve man!


German – Dauerfeuer ist unser Gruss!

English – Constant fireside is our greeting!


German – Wert trev gedient hat seine Zeit, dem sei ein voller Krug gewith!

English – He who has served his time, has a mug that is fuller!


German – Stolz zu Ross die Kavallerie, auf dem posten spat und frueh!

English – Proudly rides the cavalry, guarding from morning to midnight!

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