RAV4 Drivers Club Guide To The Toyota RAV4 Run-Flat (BSR) Tyre System

This data is written to confidently explain the BSR run flat device fitted to the Toyota Rav4 T180 and SR180

Many householders have bought their cars without knowledge of this BSR device so proper right here I will be able to check out to provide an explanation for what it is and the decisions for converting it..

What is the BSR device?

It’s a Run flat device that is different from other types where the sidewall of the tyres used is carefully bolstered so if a puncture or deflation occurs the auto effectively rides on the sidewall

BSR (Bridgestone Safety Ring) is a device that employs a ring that is fitted during the tyre around the rim. This is what the auto rides on throughout the event of a deflation. The tyres are effectively a standard tyre. This is a development of a WW2 military automotive.

There may be a lubricant during the tyre that lubes the tyre and the BSR ring throughout the event of a deflation. Without this the friction generated would damage each and every portions.

System is backed up by the use of a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) that illuminates a warning mild on the dash if a deflation takes place…

The pluses to this system..

It means that no spare wheel should be carried.. And… Err smartly this is about it if truth be told..

The minuses..

The tyres should be removed by the use of a distinct and in reality expensive instrument that almost all efficient Toyota Dealers and a few unbiased Tyre Dealers have.

Only one type of Bridgestone tyre can be used with the BSR device. No other make or style of tyre can be used.

This makes for expensive replacements come time for brand new tyres and can finally end up very inconvenient throughout the event of a puncture.

Owners document very expensive costs for replace or repair!

The possible choices…

Well Owners can simply are living with what they have and put up with the what is considered huge costs of replace or repair.


Remove the prevailing tyres and the BSR device completely. You may have the tyres removed by the use of an Equipped Dealer as described above. Cost spherical £45 in keeping with wheel OR simply cut back the tyres of and remove the security inside rings with the assistance of an angle grinder.

The TPMS device can also be retained or removed and switched to stop the light flashing on the dash..

Once tyres and rings have been removed not unusual tyres can also be fitted on a standard tyre instrument by the use of any Tyre Dealer and any emblem can be used.

Insurance implications…

You should notify your insurance policy company must you’re taking away the BSR device and fit not unusual tyres.

No further best magnificence is perhaps as the auto could be as the latest specification SR Rav4. IE no BSR device and a tyre repair package deal throughout the boot.

It is possible to have the tyres and the BSR ring removed then refits the tyres on the other hand this will likely more and more invalidate your insurance policy because the tyres have a symbol on the tyre wall which designates them as Run residences. Which in any case without the BSR rings inside they are not! This would possibly simply indicate {{that a}} Driver who does not realise this is able to run into problems if a deflation occurs and he or she carries on the use of…

Ride Quality

The wheels with the extra weight of the BSR device and lubricating gel could be very huge in comparison to a wheel fitted with a standard tyre.

The suspension has two portions to deal with:

The sprung weight. This is the burden of the Vehicle, Its occupants, Cargo and so forth.

The unsprung weight. This is the burden of the Wheels, Tyres, Brakes and so forth.

Relieving the suspension of the unsprung weight permits it to get on with the method of controlling the sprung weight. This supplies up to a a ways a ways smoother revel in without the crashing and thumping that the bigger weight of the BSR equipped wheels give. Remember the tyre walls are Not bolstered..

The revel in top quality is MASSIVELY IMPROVED when the BSR is removed!!!

A consideration…

If purchasing and promoting in a BSR equipped RAV to a Toyota Dealer one of the vital first questions asked could be does it however have the run residences?? Because if it does not the auto has in their eyes been radically altered and cannot be purchased underneath the Toyota approved automotive scheme.

Other dealers would most likely or may not ask depending within the match that they know regarding the life of the device throughout the first place…

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