Power of Pausing

Take a second and assume again to the ultimate shifting, tough speech you heard. As I’m penning this and reflecting, I believe again to Obama’s presidential victory speech in 2008. I take into accout I used to be in an area tavern with paintings colleagues. As the newly elected President spoke, his phrases had been tough and the pauses he used helped put across the significance and magnitude of that second.

You will understand that pauses are prevalent in each wonderful speech. As a Toastmaster, I’m privileged to hear new audio system and feature individually seen that the simpler speech all the time accommodates pauses and leads to the speaker successful the most efficient speaker ribbon.

“The most beneficial issues in speech are the pauses.” ~ Sir Ralph Richardson

When making an allowance for the ability of pausing, there are 3 details that spring to mind:

  1. Pauses permit mirrored image
  2. Pauses put across significance
  3. Pauses display credibility


When you ask your target market a rhetorical query, you don’t be expecting a solution, alternatively you might be soliciting for a reason why. This reason why could also be to invoke emotion, to connect with your target market through linking the query to a reminiscence, or to invoke idea or reasoning.

Regardless of this reason why, your target market calls for time to digest the query and strive to respond to it internally.

If you don’t pause and transfer directly to the solution, or the following observation, your target market would possibly really feel crushed and, more often than not, will pass over your subsequent observation as they’re nonetheless interested by your query!


How will they know that necessary observation you simply made is certainly necessary?

When creating a observation that you need your target market to contemplate, pausing is a smart technique. By pausing, your target market will return on your ultimate observation and replay it of their minds.


I in finding that this holds true in each state of affairs, whether or not you might be chatting with an target market of hundreds or just one-on-one with a colleague or pal. By pausing whilst you talk, you sound extra credible and exude self assurance.

The energy of pausing is actual and the good phase about that is that you’ll be able to profit from this lately.

I beg you to apply this at any time. The subsequent time you communicate on your buddies, take into consideration the ability of pausing and upload an additional pause or two. They would possibly right away understand a distinction in the way in which you might be talking or, if now not, they’re going to on the very least have subconsciously loved listening to what you needed to say in a well-presented method.

“The proper phrase could also be efficient, however no phrase used to be ever as efficient as a rightly timed pause.” ~ Mark Twain

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