Pessoa Saddles – Buying Guide


Rodrigo Pessoa, is liable for the faithful and authentic, Pessoa Saddles. He grew up via his father’s instance and on the age of 12, he conquered the identify, “Champion of the Pony Class,” in Belgium. He was once the youngest rider competing on the Olympic Games in 1992. This legend, having conquered a lot, gave trademark and energy to each and every Pessoa product!

Quality Made

Pessoa Saddles are comprised of top rate leathers that are got from well-known European tanneries. Care is taken that not anything right through the producing procedure will hurt the surroundings, as those saddles are made with all herbal fabrics. Pessoa Saddles are wealthy in texture and colour, tanned with chrome in a conventional procedure. They are recognized for his or her excessive sturdiness and amazingly best softness! Pessoa simplest makes use of sparsely selected and original fabrics.

The era in the back of all Pessoa merchandise is exclusive, and they’re all rather well put in combination. They are made with two various kinds of panels for the buyer to make a choice, either one of that are made to remaining. Every Pessoa is gifted with adjustable gullet plate X-change device so the rider can alter width of the tree.


The bodily construct of the rider will have to resolve the dimension of the saddle seat. For more youthful riders, a 17″ seat can be enough. Larger, 17.5″ seats are constructed for grownup riders and 18″ for massive riders. All Pessoa saddle bushes are designed via DuPont, and made with particular polymers that are certainly, versatile. Because of this, Pessoa’s by no means unfastened resistance and versatility and so they modify completely to the again of the pony and it is rider. Even temperature adjustments is not going to modify the saddle construction. To select a saddle as it should be, you will have to first select the seat dimension, flap dimension and in ultimate, the knee roll. Pessoa’s are made via a 200 12 months outdated tanning process and are smartly revered amongst riders.

Care and Maintenance

Caring in your saddle is a business value finding out. When left to dry, saddles would possibly crack and harden. There are some merchandise to be had to assist lengthen the lifetime of your saddle. Gel, or “saddle” cleaning soap, for day-to-day care, and leather-based oil which is used prior in your first journey, will supply lasting coverage.


Pessoa saddles give you the rider with many advantages together with convenience, flexibility, lengthy existence and energy. Compared to others, a Pessoa is in some ways higher for the surroundings and can live much longer than maximum.

No topic which one you select, you’ll be confident that you’re going to be getting high quality equestrian apparatus.

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