Over 30 vaccine candidates supported, 3 in advance trials, 4 in advanced pre-clinical stage: Govt | India News

NEW DELHI: The federal government on Wednesday stated greater than 30 vaccine candidates for coronavirus had been supported, and 3 of them are in advance stages of trials now, whilst 4 are in complicated pre-clinical development level.
Union Minister of State for House Nityanand Rai additionally advised the Rajya Sabha that 13 medical trials of repurposed medication had been undertaken to construct a portfolio of healing choices for Covid-19 patients.
“Greater than 30 vaccine applicants had been supported that are in numerous phases of building, three applicants are in complicated level of Segment I, II, III trials and greater than four are in complicated pre-clinical building level,” he stated.
Rai stated a countrywide skilled workforce on vaccine management for Covid-19 was once constituted on August 7, underneath the NITI Aayog.