Off the Cuff: Bracelets With Western Motifs

Of all jewelry, the bracelet may be the most wearable. They cannot hinder handiwork the way a ring can; they aren’t distracting in a conversation like earrings can be. It is easy for the wearer to see, reminding her of her favorite activity or place, or inspiring him with his favorite quote. In the workplace, a bracelet may be the best method of self expression, and the Western cuff bracelet might be the best of them all.

A cuff bracelet is generally constructed in one piece, out of a solid material. This material is usually metal, and can be any kind of metal. Lightweight aluminum is easy to wear and affordable. Stainless steel is durable and classic. Precious metals such as silver and gold add sparkle and shine. The metal will be pressed or hammered into a thin sheet and cut into a rectangular shape (or sometimes a more elaborate shape). This shape is then curved into a C shape that fits on the wrist. The bracelet is rigid, but just flexible enough to allow size adjustments for the wearer’s comfort. It is generally worn rather tightly, so it does not move around irritatingly, get in the way of one’s hands, or make distracting noise.

A cuff bracelet can be utterly plain and still be lovely, but why stop there? Showcase your western style with a traditional motif. The silversmiths who make these gorgeous bracelets often have a library of hundreds of motifs to choose from to customize your jewelry, as well as having a number of ready-to-wear pieces in stock.

Animals are a very popular choice for Western motifs. This makes sense, since cowboys and early settlers lived close to the land. Cows and horses are a very common feature, as well as sheep, pigs, and many other farming animals.

Western scenes are another popular category. These often depict cowboys competing in rodeo events such as bullriding or barrel racing. Scenes showing cowboys riding into the sunset or kneeling at a cross are also well-loved. Symbols such as hats, horseshoes, and even a poker hand are also available.

Religious and patriotic imagery are very common in Western culture. From simple symbols such as stars or crosses to elaborate scenes and images, there is something for everyone. American and Christian images are the most common, but other choices can be found as well.

Sometimes, you just have to say it with words. Wording is common on belt buckles, usually commemorating a specific event such as a rodeo. It can also be incorporated into a bracelet’s motif. Some ladies prefer to receive a bracelet instead of a belt buckle as a trophy, and of course the bracelet can also be purely decorative. Words can be added in addition to a symbol or scene, or be the primary decoration. Consider an inspirational quote or a scripture verse – how lovely would that be wrapped around your wrist?

If you’re looking for a way to bring your favorite things with you to the workplace, look first at a Western cuff bracelet!

Article Source Link by Binh T. Le