Nova Stevens: “I want you to see me as a black woman”

Quickly after her superb win on the nationwide festival, she took to her Instagram account and penned down a good looking message announcing, “I’m Nova Stevens. I’m a Canadian and a Black girl. As I stand ahead of you, I need you to look me as a black girl. Sure. I need you to look colour. As a result of seeing colour does now not imply you’re a racist; as a substitute, it permits you to see the struggles skilled by means of other people of colour. You’ve heard the inside track, you’ve learn the tales. Blameless black lives were misplaced to police brutality and hate crimes. We would like you to look us. We would like you to listen to us. We would like you to really feel us.

I ask that you simply diversify your environment as a result of whilst you do this, it creates a greater working out. Know that dislike is taught; due to this fact, we will unlearn it. So let’s do this! Let’s get again to our truest essence, which is love.”