Nagas will co-exist but not merge with India: Thuengaleng Muivah | Guwahati News

GUWAHATI: As Naga folks, from US to Myanmar to Nagaland to Bangalore, celebrated the “74th anniversary of the declaration of Naga independence day” on Friday and hoisted the “Naga nationwide flag”, NSCN(IM) chief Thuengaleng Muivah, in his cope with to Naga folks whilst being in talks with the Centre in New Delhi, mentioned the Nagas will co-exist sharing sovereign powers however won’t merge with India.
The “Naga nationwide flag”, a rainbow and a six-point superstar of David on a blue background that was once hoisted at Parashen in Rengma for the primary time on March 22, 1956 in conjunction with a Naga charter, are the most important issues of the continuing discussion with the Centre.
“We aren’t requesting Naga nationwide flag and charter from the Executive of India. Acknowledge them or no longer, we now have our personal flag and charter. Flag and charter are elements of our identified sovereign entity and the symbols of Naga nationhood. The Nagas will have to stay their flag and charter,” Muivah mentioned in his cope with.
He added, “As mandated, a negotiating workforce led by way of me had a chain of talks with the representatives of the Executive of India from the location of our distinctive historical past. It took a very long time for us to make the Indian leaders perceive and admit what the original historical past of the Nagas is.”

‘Executive of India recognised sovereignty of Nagas’

The Indian negotiators said that the Nagas have the historical past of sovereign independence. They’re additionally smartly knowledgeable of the ancient undeniable fact that the Nagas have neither been a celebration to the Union of India nor to that of Burma.”
He added that during 1950, the constituent meeting of India invited the Nagas to sign up for the Union of India but it surely was once rejected by way of the Naga folks. “This ancient truth was once reaffirmed by way of next behavior of plebiscite in 1951, the place 99.9% of the Naga folks voted in prefer of a sovereign unbiased Nagalim, which remains to be contemporary within the reminiscence of many older folks these days,” he mentioned.
He added that within the Framework Settlement signed on August 3, 2015, the Executive of India has identified the “sovereignty of the Nagas,” because the settlement says, “Inclusive non violent co-existence of the 2 entities sharing sovereign energy.” “The Nagas will co-exist with India sharing sovereign powers as agreed within the Framework Settlement and outlined within the competencies. However they’ll no longer merge with India,” Muivah mentioned.
At the day, Naga folks greeted each and every different and posted pictures retaining the Naga flag, together with Virginia State in the United States, by way of contributors of the ‘World Naga Discussion board’.
Nagas rejoice this present day as ‘Independence Day’ yearly and prefer previously, the influential Naga Pupil Federation (NSF) this time additionally gave a choice to all its devices to hoist the Naga flag on August 14.
“The Naga Scholars’ Federation (NSF) extends our warmest Independence day greetings to all of the Naga folks residing in numerous portions of the sector. As Nagalim celebrates its 74th yr of its duration and breath loose from any occupational and imperialistic forces, the federation joins the Naga folks in taking their legacy ahead. As of late’s party is in furtherance of the Naga folks’s official rights in accordance with ancient info,” the coed frame mentioned.